Introducing Smart Profiles for Stages Dash



The Brighter, Simpler and Smarter Stages Dash now does what no other cycling computer can—it will automatically configure screens and data fields based on your paired sensors, before every ride. With Dash 2.5 Firmware (supported by Stages Link App version 2.9), and Smart Profiles, Dash now can automatically:

  • Add a Trainer Control Page to your profile when your smart trainer is nearby and activated. And remove the page when you ride outdoors
  • Add a map page (if you don’t already have one) when you’re outside and GPS connects
  • Add a workout graph and data page whenever you add a .FIT or .TCX workout file to your Dash
  • Add a map and navigation cue sheet when you add a .FIT or .GPX course file to your Dash

Just ride. Dash will show you everything you’re looking for, and nothing you don’t need. No customization required.

Important notice
The 2.5.0 Dash firmware update ends support of the Stages Sync Desktop Application, which syncs settings via USB connection to your Mac or Windows computer. All future firmware updates, settings sync, map region downloads, course and workout sync will take place from the Stages Link App only.

Stages SB20Stages SB20


Updating to 2.5 firmware adds “Smart Landscape and “Smart Portrait” profiles to Dash.

You can ride these as-is and Smart Profiles will add or remove pages and data fields based on sensors it finds, and you can add your own additional custom pages and fields to these profiles. You can also enable Smart Mode in an existing ride profile by going to profile settings in the Stages Link app Device Manager.

Riding with a power meter? Heart monitor? Both? Neither?

Dash will build screens with comprehensive power data and  heart rate data if you don’t already have those pages and Dash finds your paired power and HR sensors nearby and active. If your Dash notices one of those devices is not present for your next ride, it’ll automatically remove those pages.

Stages SB20Stages SB20
Stages SB20Stages SB20

Smart Lights, meet Smart Profiles

Dash now works with a wide range of Smart Lights including Garmin Varia Radar, Bontrager Flare and others. With 2.5 firmware and Smart Profiles, add your Smart Light to your Dash as a sensor and your Dash will add a light control page to your Dash automatically whenever your light is within range. You can see battery level and get low battery warnings, and control on/off and flash settings.


Dash will build screens with a your workout steps, targets, and include heart rate and power if those sensors are connected.

All the customization is still available, and you can edit smart profiles mid-ride without losing any data.

Stages SB20Stages SB20
Stages SB20Stages SB20

Manage Maps and Firmware straight from the app

The new Stages Link App (v 2.9 and newer) will allow you to manage maps, firmware updates, and course files straight from the app. Connect your Dash to the app and go to Device Manager, and tap what you’d like to add to your Dash and you’ll get an email with a link. Plug your Dash into your computer and drop that file straight to your Dash, disconnect and you’re good to go for your next ride.


Push the ride start button on the side of the Dash to see an overlay menu, select view ride screen to preview all the screens in the smart profile.

A ride preview is essentially a ride. Press the select button during a ride to end the preview and choose from the following options:

  • Convert preview to ride: Uses all data from the start of the preview and continues the ride as normal in case the user started a preview instead of a ride
  • Start new ride: Restarts the ride and records as a normal ride starting from when the menu option was selected
  • Exit preview: Deletes preview and exits to home page
Stages SB20Stages SB20

Smarter. Simpler. Brighter.


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