Ride Workouts in the Stages Cycling App

Stages app controls SB20 workouts

We have just released a BIG update to the Stages Cycling app. Version 3.7 of the app now allows you to follow workouts while paired to a power meter or controlling your Stages SB20 Smart Bike. I’ve been riding and testing this feature for a few weeks and IT IS GREAT. Of course you can still pair the SB20 with any third party app, but you don’t have to. The Stages Cycling app can do it all, setup your bike, load a workout, control resistance for each interval, record that ride, then send it to your 3rd party fitness tracker of choice (Strava, TrainingPeaks, Stages Link etc.)

Any workout available in the app can now be loaded in the app Ride page. If riding with a Stages SB20 Smart Bike, the app will automatically control the bike according to the workout. If you don’t have an SB20 (you should buy one) but you can still take advantage of this feature by pairing a power meter and follow workouts from TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad and Stages Link.


Here's how it works: 

1. Connect your SB20 (or power meter)

Click the bluetooth button and connect the device you’ll use to ride your workout. I connected my Stages SB20 Smart Bike, this allows me to use the app to control the SB20 using ERG mode. I don’t have to shift at all during the ride, I just pedal and the app controls resistance on my SB20 for me.

2. Select a workout

There are preloaded workouts available in the Stages Cycling app, select one of these or import a workout from TrainingPeaks. I selected the At/Over/Under Threshold workout already loaded in the app. Once you’ve selected a workout, click ride workout.

3. Start pedaling 

Once you click Ride Workout the app will switch to the workout screen. Complete your workout following the wattage targets displayed on the screen. The target power is displayed in the blue box and in the color coded power wheel at the top. If you’re using an SB20 you’ll also see left/right balance from the dual sided power meter, cadence and speed.

4. Adjust as needed

At the bottom of your screen next to the time remaining is a percentage. This is automatically set to 100%. If this workout is too difficult or too easy you can adjust the percentage to scale your workout up or down. This workout was properly shelling me, so I scaled down. This adjusts each interval for the remainder of the workout.

5. Finish, Save, and Send to Strava

After you finish the workout, click the stop button then click to save your ride. After the ride is saved, the Stages Cycling app will send it to any connected 3rd party apps, including Strava, TrainingPeaks of Stages Link.

Once you’ve finished the workout, you can review all recorded metrics in the Stages Cycling app. What workouts will you record first using the SB20?


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