New Stages Dash 200 Series Bike ComputersNew Stages Dash 200 Series Bike Computers


Built for Every Ride. Choose your size - M200 with 2.2" display and L200 with a larger 2.7" display. Both can be used in portrait or landscape mode, in dark or light mode, and can attach to any bike with two included quarter turn mounts. The new Dash is durable and easy to navigate between pages or hit lap.


Send your interval workouts and routes to Dash wirelessly, and follow the on-screen cues. Select a live data graph such as power, heart rate, elevation gain or speed. All on a brilliant full color screen.

Stages Dash is Built for PerformanceStages Dash is Built for Performance
Stages Dash GPS ComputerStages Dash GPS Computer

The Tour de France winning Dash was designed using input from pro racers and top coaches with a range of workout features to help you reach your cycling goals.

Stages Dash GPS Bike ComputerStages Dash GPS Bike Computer

Your previous effort fades to grey as you progress, and a real-time line plots your effort so you can see how close you are following the prescribed workout.

Stages Dash GPS Bike ComputerStages Dash GPS Bike Computer

Dash guides your effort with zone targets displayed on the power/HR wheel or in separate data cells, along with current workout step targets, duration and more.

The race started and I immediately understood what the Stages L200 was perfect for; this thing is a race computer.  Really it’s perfect anytime you need to pace yourself with very little thought. That big wheel with your zones is perfect when your brain has limited oxygen and you need to understand at a glance if what you are attempting to do is sustainable.
Stages Dash unbeatable mapsStages Dash unbeatable maps


Dash GPS cycling computers are compatible with popular navigation apps and feature free worldwide maps with color coded roads, trails and paths with icons for bike shops, cafes and pubs.

NEW! get ready to Climb to new heights

Dash will automatically detect a climb in your course and you can choose to view the Climb screen, showing real-time progress. Data includes:

  • Elapsed time for current climb
  • Average power for current climb
  • Average heart rate for current climb
  • Vertical Ascent Meters (VAM)
  • Distance remaining in the current climb
  • Vertical gain remaining
  • Color-coded gradient measurements
Stages Dash Climb featureStages Dash Climb feature
Stages Dash unbeatable mapsStages Dash unbeatable maps

Cycling-specific maps identify and color code the best roads for cycling. No other computer makes it easier to explore unfamiliar areas or find new rides.

Stages Dash turn by turn directionsStages Dash turn by turn directions

Connect your Dash to Ride with GPS, MapMyRide, Strava and others or use the Stages Cycling App to add turn-by-turn courses.

Stages Dash route infoStages Dash route info

Get notifications for upcoming turns and a cue sheet with next steps and distances. A bold blue course indicator has arrows to help navigate overlapping routes.

Stages Dash ride profileStages Dash ride profile

With 16GB of internal storage, Stages Dash maps cover huge regions like all of the continental US, and more can be added to Dash for free via the Stages Cycling app.


New to training with heart rate and/or a power meter?

Or do you simply want to skip the FTP test and still know you’re training smart? With Adaptive Zones enabled, you can simply ride and train, and Dash will continuously monitor your effort and automatically update your color-coded training zones based on your current fitness level.

Stages Dash adaptive power zonesStages Dash adaptive power zones
Stages Dash GPS ComputerStages Dash GPS Computer

Add one of dozens of preloaded workouts to your Dash and you’ll get easy-to-follow color-coded graphs based on your Adaptive Zones.

Stages Dash GPS Bike ComputerStages Dash GPS Bike Computer

With Adaptive Zones, you can simply ride. Dash continuously monitors your effort and automatically updates your training zones based on your current fitness level.

Stages Dash GPS Bike ComputerStages Dash GPS Bike Computer

You’ll always be training at the right output for your current fitness level if you choose to enable Adaptive Zones. You’ll recover better and gain fitness faster.

Dash displays a color wheel for power metrics and other colorful fields based on your training zones. The colors really help highlight key performance metrics and whether you are on target - all from a quick glance.
Stages Dash cyclistsStages Dash cyclists


Hop on and go with automatic profiles. Dash builds data pages and selects fields based on connected sensors. Let Dash do the work for you when it comes to configuring the optimal workout page for your ride.


Dash GPS cycling computers are compatible with most power meters, heart rate monitors, smart lights and smart trainers, as well as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Ride with GPS and many popular apps. Connect a smart phone to receive notifications such as text messages while you ride.

Stages Dash Connects you to your appsStages Dash Connects you to your apps
Stages Dash GPS ComputerStages Dash GPS Computer

With Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, you can pair Dash to most popular power meters, heart monitors and speed/cadence sensors.

Stages Dash GPS Bike ComputerStages Dash GPS Bike Computer

Add a new ANT+ or Bluetooth sensor to your Dash at any time, even in the middle of a ride. You can also manage all your Stages devices straight from the app.

Stages Dash GPS Bike ComputerStages Dash GPS Bike Computer

Get more from your Varia with Dash. Customize position and type of visual notifications, turn tones on or off and monitor Varia battery and light statuses.

Customize your Stages Dash ride screensCustomize your Stages Dash ride screens


Stages Dash is the most customizable cycling computer on the market with up to 12 data fields on each screen. Automatic profiles create pages based on connected sensors in portrait or landscape mode, and data pages can be easily edited or created on the Dash or using the Stages Cycling app.

Manage all Stages devices from one appManage all Stages devices from one app
Stages app Manages Dash and other Stages Devices

Use your smart phone to manage Stages Dash and Stages Bike SB20. Update firmware, change settings and functions, manage files and more.

Customize Stages Dash with Stages Cycling AppCustomize Stages Dash with Stages Cycling App
Set Up, Manage and Customize your Dash

 The Stages Cycling App guides you through an easy setup process. Change any setting, customize screens, manage maps, courses and workouts and more, and it’s all easy.

Stages Dash ride analysisStages Dash ride analysis

See ride metrics ranging from power and heart rate data to route details. Compare today’s ride to previous efforts, gauge your progress, and plan future workouts.


The Dash L200 and M200 both feature a secure and stable quarter-turn mount that’s widely compatible with most common mounting brackets. They can be used with either landscape or portrait mode display.

Stages Dash quarter turn mountsStages Dash quarter turn mounts


  • How do I know if I need a bike computer?

    If you have a power meter or like to record data, a bike computer is the best tool to do so. A bike computer is a great training tool and you can analyze your data on the Stages Cycling App or share data with your coach. Bike computers are also useful if you like to follow course maps in adventure riding or view cycling specific streets in urban riding. A bike computer can track metrics as complicated as Training Stress Score and as simple as distance and speed. 

  • What makes Stages Dash different from other bike computers?

    Stages Dash is built for performance - whether you’re following a specific workout or following a cycling specific map, Dash will give you your next cue on a bright, full color screen and you’ll see live graphs of your choice of metric. Dash is the only bike computer with automatic profiles - data pages created automatically based on the connected sensors. You can set up and configure your Dash directly from the unit, or from the Stages Cycling app.

  • Can't I use my smartphone or fitness tracker as a bike computer?

    You may be able to track basic GPS-based information with a smartphone or fitness tracker, but a bike computer such as Dash will be able to provide cycling-specific data. If you want to follow a specific route or follow an interval workout, a Dash computer will allow you to follow either in real time, with live maps and graphs. A bike computer is also designed to last for hours, while your phone battery will drain quickly if you’re using maps and recording your ride.

  • Will this mount on any bike?

    Yes! The Stages Dash comes with an out-front mount and and a Go Anywhere mount, which attaches to any bar with flexible bands.  

  • Do I need additional equipment to mount it?

    Stages Dash comes with a standard mount and you can purchase a variety of mounts in the store to get your optimal setup.

  • Can Dash pair with my fitness tracker to track heart rate?

    Dash can pair with your Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitors to track heart rate. You can track this behind the scenes and analyze your data later, or opt to display a heart rate field on your Dash while riding.

  • Does Dash pair with Strava? What apps and wearables can Dash integrate with?

    Your Dash workouts will sync with the Stages Cycling App, where you can add your Strava account as well as other third party tools such as TrainingPeaks. You can select to sync your workouts with third party apps automatically.

  • Does Dash need to be connected to my phone via Bluetooth while riding?

    To receive phone notifications, you’ll need to connect your phone to Dash. Otherwise you can choose to update your data pages or settings from the Dash itself rather than from the Stages Cycling app.

  • Which Dash model is right for me?

    You’ll want to select an L model over M if you want a larger screen. Consider a larger screen if you frequently follow routes or want to see live graphs of your workout data in addition to other data fields. Consider a smaller screen if you like to race and prefer a lighter model.

  • Do I need to pay for a Stages Link subscription to use Dash?

    The free version of the Stages Cycling app has everything you need to set up and use your Stages products. Connecting a Stages Link account provides additional features including course builder, workout builder, advanced ride analysis, and historical data review tools that are available as a premium feature at a low cost.

  • How accurate are Stages Bike Computers?
    Stages Dash elevation recording is accurate within 20 cm.
  • Do I need my phone for my cycling computer to work?
    Setting up the Dash with a smartphone is the quickest and easiest way to get started, but it isn’t required. Having a Dash actually allows you to use your phone less while riding, so you can save your phone battery for photos and let your Dash do the navigating.
  • Can I pair any power meter with my bike computer?
    Yes. You can pair your power meter using ANT+ or Bluetooth. Once your power meter is connected, Dash will display power in watts and cadence in RPM.
  • Can I pair any cadence sensor to my bike computer?
    You can pair any Bluetooth LE or ANT+ sensor to the Stages Dash. You do not have to use Stages power meters or cadence sensors with Dash. You can pair up to 14 ANT+ sensors and 12 BLE sensors.
  • How long is the battery life of Stages GPS computer?
    The Dash L50 has a battery life of approximately 15 hours, the M50 has a battery life of approximately 20 hours.
  • Can I load maps into my Cycling Computer?
    Yes! You can download free maps globally, so even when you take a trip you know where you’re riding.
  • How can I use a bike computer to analyze my ride data?
    Stages Dash will upload ride data to the Stages Cycling app, Strava, or other connected third party services like TrainingPeaks.
  • GPS Bike Computers for Cyclists
    Get accurate and actionable data on every ride to Improve your cadence, power and overall performance on ride.  Take your training to the next level  with at your fingertips, full color data you can see while riding
  • GPS Cycling Computers for Triathletes
    Train for your next big race with better data, accurate power and cadence readings. Load your workouts or courses onto your GPS cycling computer so you don’t have to write down workout steps or directions.
  • Cycling Computers that Pair with Power
    Pair any power meter with our GPS cycling computer. You can pair any Bluetooth or ANT+ compatible power meter to your Stages Dash, including 4iiiis, Gamin Vector or Garmin Rally power pedals, Quarq and others.
  • Cadence for Outdoor Riding
    Track and see your cadence as you ride, perform cadence drills or monitor cadence in different riding conditions. When connected to a power meter or cadence sensor, Dash will show average cadence for your ride, or current cadence.
  • The Best GPS Bike Computer for Mountain Biking
    Get off the road and onto the trails. Riding off-road doesn't mean less technology for your rides.  Know your power, cadence, speed, distance traveled and elevation gained.
  • Load GPX Files into your GPS Bike Computer
    Always know where you are, load your route into your bike computer, see your route on a full color screen, and decrease the likelihood of taking a wrong turn while enjoying the outdoors.
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