How to Calculate Power Training Zones

What are power zones?

Power zones are calculated based on percentage of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and are commonly used for workout targets in order to give a range of intensity for an interval.

To view or edit your power zone settings in a Stages Dash GPS Cycling Computer, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Power.

How to set FTP

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is the maximum wattage you can sustain for a long duration, usually 1 hour. This number is the basis for setting your power training zones and calculating several power based metrics, such as TSS, T-Score, and IF. If you are training with a power meter, you should enter an FTP here.

To enter your FTP in a Dash, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Heart Rate > FTP.

Note: FTP can also be updated under the Settings menu.

Power Zone Calculation Method

The Dash comes preloaded with two options for calculating power training zones based on FTP.

To update your zone calculation preference, go to: Main Menu > Zones > Power > Method > Stages or Coggan

Stages Power Zones

Stages uses 6 power training zones: Recovery, Endurance, Tempo, Threshold, VO2, Anaerobic.

Coggan Power Zones

Coggan has 7 power training zones: Recovery, Endurance, Tempo, Lactate Threshold, VO2 Max, Anaerobic Capacity, Neuromuscular Power.


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