Save Time in your Indoor Cycling Studio: Quick Guide for the Start of the Year

4 steps for starting off the new year in the cycling studio on the right track

It doesn’t sound fancy, but a deep clean of your indoor cycling studio and the indoor bikes at the start of the year will pay dividends.

Customer experience manager Travis Hall is back with his no-messing guide to a deep clean.

At this time of year we generally see a lot of clubs orchestrate ‘big clean ups’. Making sure everything is working at capacity at the start of the year is always a good idea.

“As a company, we have a listing of weekly, monthly and annual checks our customers can do, but if you ask me what four must dos would be great to do at the start of the year, I’d shoot for the following:

1. General cleanliness in the cycling studio

“Make sure there are no signs of sweat build up or “personal use”. A general cleaning of bikes is going to be a big one. Our go to cleaning product is soapy water. Using any sort of abrasive cleaner is not recommended. Our bikes don’t need anything more really to shine them up.

2. Check for any firmware updates

“If you’re a Stages customer using SC3 bikes with power meters or using live data in class or on the gym floor with Stages group display or Stages Solo, checking for firmware updates on the power meter/s and console/s is a good next step. Be certain you have updated your firmware to take advantage of the auto reset on the power meter. In one hit that will save you so many man hours, give you more accuracy and save you maintenance time — everybody has a better experience at that point.

3. Take a quick check of the FitLoc on the indoor bike to make sure everything is in adjustment

“Make sure your current instructor team is aware of and fully understands StagesFit [how to set up your riders right before they ride] process and how to secure the bike adjustments. Any clubs with members of the team that need a refresh can revisit the instructions here. A universal understanding of the StagesFit process can make the beginning of class that much smoother and clubs can get people up and running at the beginning of class even quicker — especially good news when you’re expecting a ton of newcomers the top two months of the year.

4. Bike pedal check

“Make sure they’re tight. Pedals can get so easily overlooked. We recommend they get replaced every year. We know that doesn’t happen always so we encourage clubs to do a thorough check as a minimum making sure everything is functional and tight. Pay particular attention to the key touch points on the pedal, i.e. where your riders clip in and the toe cages. Remember one of the first things your riders will encounter on the bike is the pedal, so that must work well during their first experience — if that doesn’t go very well it doesn’t set them up for the best experience going forward.

Check support materials and work with our support team

“For a complete index of maintenance resources, Stages support pages are a great tool. When you need quick answers you can speak to us via phone; our main support team is spread across two time zones; we have very few voicemails because we miss very few calls. If our customers want to send us an email they can expect a first response in 2-4 business hours; that’s something we’ve been able to do for a long time.”

If people are looking to contact Stages Cycling Customer Service email the team at [email protected] or give them a call at +1 (800) 717-8076.


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