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Found in thousands of studios and clubs around the world, the Stages SC3 is the global leader in premium indoor cycling. 

Innovative bike features, such as the aluminum frame, CarbonGlyde, magnetic braking system, FitLoc, and SprintShift make it the simplest bike to maintain. Included on the SC3 is the Stages Power meter; the most accurate, reliable, and consistent direct power meter on the market, and the EcoSCRN display console with self-generating power source. 

Stages Cycling is the only company who has a power meter that is used and endorsed by the most prestigious indoor cycling studios as well as the world’s most elite outdoor cyclists and teams.


Stages SC3
Stages SC3 Stages SC3 Stages SC3 Stages SC3 Stages SC3 Stages SC3

What fitness metrics can I track when riding on the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes?

The Stages console displays the following metrics:

  • Power (W): Power is the measurement of how much work you are doing. It is measured through the Stages Power meter mounted on the left crank arm, which measures the force on the crank and the speed that you are pedaling. 
  • Cadence (rpm): Cadence is the speed that you are pedaling in rotations per minute. 
  • Heart rate (bpm): When console is paired with a compatible ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate monitor, the console will display your heart rate in beats per minute. 
  • Speed (kmh or mph): The console uses power to estimate your speed based on your current power output, using an equation to calculate how fast you would be traveling outdoors when riding a road bike on flat ground. 
  • Distance (km or mi): Distance is measured and accumulated using the speed calculation above and the time you've been riding. 
  • Calories (kcal): Calories burned are calculated from the power measurement on the bike. 

Current (real time) values and averages for each stage are visible on the console. To view full ride data during your workout, press the AVG/END button on the console. 

How does the Stages Indoor Cycling bike measure power?

The Stages SC series bikes equipped with a Stages Power meter read the rider's actual power through a sensor attached to the crank arm. Unlike other bikes that include estimated or calculated values, we rely on a direct sensor to measure the rider's pedaling force (for accuracy within +/- 1.5%). 

From this sensor, we broadcast power and cadence to be collected by the Stages SIC1 console or your own personal device (via Bluetooth or ANT+ wireless technology) so you can accurately record your workout and track your progress.

Why does the Stages bike use a fixed gear drive train?

We use a fixed gear on our studio bikes because it allows the rider to pedal more smoothly in all situations. The fixed gear helps to improve the overall user experience in several ways:

  • When riding while standing, momentum from the fixed gear helps the rider at the very top and bottom of the pedal stroke. On a bike with a freewheel, this can create points of disengagement, which can result in an uneven feel.
  • When riding at high RPM, the fixed gear keeps the pedals in time with the flywheel and allows the user to pedal continuously without losing rhythm. With a freewheel, the pedals can easily fall behind the flywheel when it is spinning at a high speed. When this happens, pedaling becomes uneven and awkward until the flywheel slows down. 
  • In times of high resistance and lower RPM, the momentum generated by the flywheel helps to pull the cranks through the pedal stroke (again, primarily at the top and bottom) where positive torque is not being applied by the rider.

Do I have to use the console to record my rides on Stages Indoor Cycling bikes?

No, the Stages Indoor Cycling bikes offer a range of options for saving and recording your training rides without using a USB drive. Ride data can be recorded by using a compatible device paired with either the console or to the individual sensors (power meter and optional HR) through apps or third party fitness devices.


Commercial Grade studio cycle with Stages Power Meter, SIC2 Console. The Stages SC3 is the ultimate studio bike and is the global leader in premium indoor cycling.

The Stages SC3 is what happens when passionate cyclists build indoor bikes. Ergonomically fit and engineered for simplicity and function, the SC3 seamlessly and wirelessly connects to your technology via Bluetooth® and ANT+™. The SC3 is the only indoor studio bike that comes standard with a Stages Power meter and self-generating EcoSCRN display, freshly updated for 2021.

Stages takes the guesswork out of training, both on the road and in the studio. Many elite outdoor cycling teams and individuals choose Stages Power because when using the most accurate measure of performance, they can develop and adhere much more precisely to their fitness goals. Now your studio riders can benefit from the same precise data professionals use, and map their fitness strategies to more quickly reach their own goals

More Information
Manufacturer Stages Cycling
Weight 96 lbs (46kgs)
Dimensions 24.5" W x 43.5" L (62.23cm W x 110.5cm L)
Drive System CarbonGlyde featuring Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belt
Frame Material 6061T-6 aluminum alloy, advanced hydro & air formed tubing, TIG weld
Flywheel Weight High-inertia, cast iron perimeter weighted
Connectivity Bluetooth & ANT+
Power Stages Power meter, Stages EcoSCRN display with selfgenerating power source
Power Accuracy +/- 1.5%
Q-Factor 158mm
User Height Range 4’10” (147cm) to 6’10” (208cm)
Maximum User Weight 350 lbs (158 kg)
Number of Bottle Cages 2
Frame Warranty 15 years
Drivetrain Warranty 10 years on Carbon Belt
Power Meter Warranty 1 year
Bike Component Warranty 3 years
Stages SC3
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