Dash Firmware Update 1.1

Brighter. Simpler. Smarter.
And it keeps getting BETTER.
Check out the latest DASH Firmware
to get the most out of your DASH.


Get the Update: Plug your DASH into your computer via USB and open Stages LINK and SYNC. Your Dash will do the rest.

What's been updated?

Ride History:
Review key data from today’s ride after saving a ride file, including power and heart rate curves, speed and cadence values and more, and review previous ride data for up to 90 days.

Adaptive Zones:
When enabled, Dash will track your power and/or heart rate data over time and continuously calculate your FTP, FTHR and corresponding training zones so you can get the most out of your efforts without having to perform regular FTP tests.

Lap Data Overlay/Lap History:
Dash will now show a popup on the bottom right of the screen with a snapshot of your last lap data, and a comprehensive lap data review page for a deeper look.

New Power Modes:
Dash now features Standard, Metered and Low Power modes that automatically alter settings to maximize for your longest rides

Map Improvements:
Thicker, more readable lines for roads and buildings, faster zoom/pan features, and add a navigation cue as a data field to any screen.

Bug Fixes:
Faster ride sync, more accurate distance, elevation and gradient, and improved performance overall.

When using a course you can now add a navigation cue data field to a page to indicate the distance to and direction of your next turn

Next Step and Previous Step Workout Fields
Users may add data fields that report the next lap prescription and previous lap prescription in their workout

Last Lap Span 
Add a span of Last Lap to their data fields, to view the last lap average or total for most metrics on the Dash.

Workout Compliance Scores in LINK 
Any workout completed on the Dash (from LINK or most 3rd party sources) will now show compliance scores and data when the ride file is uploaded to LINK

Outer Interval Support 
Dash now supports outer intervals from the Link workout builder. This means once you start an outer interval, the inner laps will not begin until you press the lap button.

Workout Graph Auto Zoom 
At 30s before the end of an interval, the Dash workout graph will zoom to a 5-minute scale width of the workout graph so it is easy to see when an effort ends and what the next step is.




  • Faster ride sync via LiNK app

  • Text for units in data fields are now larger and more readable

  • Maps now have a status indicator for loading tiles and zoom/pan view

  • .FIT files now include summary data, which means the dash totals and averages will match TrainingPeaks summary values

  • Improved performance and navigation points when riding .FIT courses from RidewithGPS

  • Navigation Overlay Notification moved to the bottom of the page for improved readability without obscuring the rest fo the screen

  • Ride files can be uploaded to Garmin Connect

  • Add Workouts mid-ride



  • Time of day was not updating while the ride was paused, causing confusion about the space-time continuum, this is resolved

  • Maps would sometimes flip momentarily, now they don’t

  • Elevation Profile improvements with RidewithGPS courses

  • Battery life improvements

  • Improved consistency with workout auto transitions

  • Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors are now compatible with Dash

  • Crank length settings now work properly

  • Heart Rate Zones now work as they should

  • Elevation and gradient are now more consistent

  • Additional minor bug fixes



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