Building A Training Program | Stages Link

Building A Training Program | Stages Link

Stages Education Specialist, Benjamin Sharp walks you through the process of buildling a Training Plan with Stages Link.

Stages Link gives a rider the option of setting up a new Training Plan when they register for Stages Link. If you haven't already, please log in and build your first Training Plan in Stages Link by setting up a new account and following the step-by-step instructions, here.

As we dive deeper into the Stages ecosystem, the power of these products will really start to show themselves to you. Over the last five years, we've faced the question: 'I have a power meter, but what do I do now.'

If you think about that question in relation to Stages Power, Stages Dash and Stages Link, our design focus is clear. With these three products, a rider with zero knowledge of training with power or structured interval training can build a plan and be out doing their first workout in less than an hour... actually this process can be measured in minutes. Ultimately, this is our goal and our promise. The Stages ecosystem is the best way to start training and improving with power.


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