Dash 2.0 Firmware Makes Dash Better Than Ever.

Dash 2.0 Firmware Makes Dash Better Than Ever.

Long rides? Complicated courses? Dash latest firmware (2.0) has you covered.

Dash 2.0 Firmware is now available, making Stages Dash better than ever across the board. Dash now boasts a 11+ hours of run time when running maps, courses, heart rate, power and more. Plus, we've updated maps and course to feature directional arrows, so you always know where you are and where you're going.

With Firmware 2.0 Dash runtime is extended to 11+hours even while using functions like maps, courses, power and heart rate sensors. And in Low Power Mode you can get up to 24 hours of runtime.

No more confusion on confusing routes.
And Dash’s industry-leading, cycling-specific maps get even easier to follow and use with the addition of major road and street names, PLUS arrows to clarify direction when riding courses that overlap.

Need to learn how to update your Dash?
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