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The Redlands Bicycle Classic is the longest continuously running invitational stage race in the country. Known throughout the world as the race "Where Legends are Born," this race has hosted riders who have gone on to compete in the Olympics, Tour de France, and other world championships. This year’s event featured 350 elite racers, including the Blue-Stages Racing team. The team rides with Stages power and Stages Dash 200 and is led by renowned cycling and triathlon coach, Grant Holicky. Read along as Holicky recounts their great foray into the road racing scene at this legendary event.

Guest Blog Post by Grant Holicky

Grant Holicky

Co-Owner & Director of Coaching at Forever Endurance and Director of the Blue-Stages Racing Cyclocross team

"The responsibility of a coach is to help educate, inspire and train athletes of all levels and ability to achieve their personal goals of success. I have spent my career in the coaching profession striving to help athletes in this way as a coach, a program director, and a mentor. Athletics is an integral part of so many people’s lives and allows them to grow and develop, not only in sport but also in life."


A couple of months ago Eric Brunner and I decided that we wanted to do some road stage racing this season to keep his fitness up and have some fun. We figured we’ve got a team, let’s have at it. So we talked Scott Funston into it and called our friends Jack Tanner and Ben Frederick and put together a team of 4 for the Redlands Bicycle Classic, with me making my road directing debut.

The goal was to get some good training in, have some fun with our friends and show the roadies that the “cross folks” in the US are strong. We didn’t quite imagine it would go like this.

After days one and two, Eric found himself in 4th overall thanks to some great riding from the team and some good legs. We scrambled and borrowed a time trial (TT)  bike and after 30 minutes on it in the morning, Eric ripped a solid ride and moved up to the general classification (GC) podium. By now things were getting real fun.

With the crit on Saturday, attention turned to time bonuses and sprint points. Eric fended for himself and the crew put some effort into Jack getting some more sprint points and the effort was rewarded. At the end of the day, Eric took another stage 4th and Jack had won a sprint and moved to second in the green jersey competition.

With sunset looming on Sunday we got together and made a plan and then executed it. Jack and Ben took off from the gun looking for the final two sprints and Jack took a second on the first and won the second moving him into a tie for the jersey. Eric and Scott, meanwhile, went after the first time bonus and concentrated on keeping near the front. Jack battled to stay ahead of his green jersey competitors on GC with Ben’s help and with 4 to go, Eric launched a blistering attack up to the break in search of the 55 seconds he needed on GC. Sadly, little help was there during the break and though a selection was made, the time to yellow wasn’t there.

In the end, Eric settled for a GC podium and Jack walked away with the green jersey. All and all, a pretty great foray into the road racing scene.


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