Get Started with your SC Series Indoor Bike



The SC3 comes standard with a console, power meter, FitLoc adjustment system, SprintShift and road-style handle bars.


The SC2 comes standard with pop-pin height adjustment, SprintShift and rhythm handle bars.


The SC1 comes standard with pop-pin height adjustment, resistance dial and rhythm handle bars.


If you need any assistance at all, please contact Customer Support at [email protected], 800-717-8076, or visit to open a help ticket.

Stages SB20 in homeStages SB20 in home


5 Steps to Stages Fit

  1. Set handlebar and seat fore/aft adjustments to neutral “0”. Tighten dials.
  2. Set seat FitLoc to correct height. Use hip bone (iliac crest) as a landmark.
  3. Set handlebar FitLoc to correct height even with or above seat height.
  4. Get on the bike and pedal for a minute. Assess seat and handlebar height.
  5. Make any needed adjustments and ensure that dials and FitLocs are all locked.


StagesFit puts you in a safe, comfortable position for whatever the day’s ride requires. Simple to use, the fore/aft adjustments are on the saddle and handlebars.

FITLOC (sc3 only)

Precision fit range and quick adjustment functions set indoor riders up for their next best performance.

The industry’s fastest adjustment system for handlebar and seat height adjustment – 5 times faster than standard twist- to-lock systems. The proprietary FitLoc adjustment system creates a quick, comfortable and secure ride.

sprintshift (sc3/sc2 only)

Enables instantaneous macro-level resistance changes without incessantly turning a dial.

Unique three-stage lever and custom workload settings allow indoor cyclists instant control.

Perfect for HIIT and interval based workouts, the cyclist can add or drop resistance quickly and easily, without sacrificing custom micro-adjustments.

Stages SB20 ready to rideStages SB20 ready to ride


Stages Cycling is the number one power meter producer in the world, and your SC3 comes with the same technology that has been proven and tested in the biggest cycling races in the world. Stages Power is available as an add-on for SC2 and SC1.

The Stages Power meter will enable you to seamlessly connect to any of the following programs, utilizing both ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols for communication.


  • The display runs on power generated by the rider and no console batteries are needed
  • Generator located at the flywheel hub​
  • Wired connection is hidden in the handlebar stem, with easy access for maintenance
  • Always-on backlight allows rider to see data in all types of room lighting and eliminates button-pushing during the ride
  • Useful for comparing efforts, the rider sees stage, current, and average data, which is very powerful info for training efficiently and effectively
  • ​The STAGE button allows for up to 99 sections of time (laps). Data does not start to record or average during WARMUP stage (so total ride data is not skewed with poor warmup data)
Stages SB20 training indoorsStages SB20 training indoors
Stages SB20 with favorite cycling appsStages SB20 with favorite cycling apps


  • Transfers data for tracking, linking with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible iOS and Android app
  • Rider sees Max, Average and Ride totals for the following metrics:
  • Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate (if wearing a strap), Time, Distance, and power zones defined by rider FTP


The SC pedals are compatible with SPD cleats and come with toe cages to be used with any gym shoe. 

While there are two versions of the SPD cleat from Shimano, we recommend the SM-SH56 model (multi-directional exit) for use with all Stages Indoor Cycling pedals. Both models are compatible, but have found better success and less maintenance needed when the SM-SH56 is being used. 

If you need to adjust the cleat tension or make toe clip adjustments, click here for instructions

Stages SB20 training indoorsStages SB20 training indoors
Stages SB20 with favorite cycling appsStages SB20 with favorite cycling apps


Whether you're a seasoned indoor cycling instructor looking for new inspiration, or simply want to know the science behind power - you can now get Stages Certified online. 

Our online certifications provide videos, lectures, practical applications, playlists, class samples, and lots of downloadable materials to take your instructor skills to the next level.


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