DC Rainmaker Reviews Stages Dash

DC Rainmaker Reviews Stages Dash
Check out the new DC Rainmaker for an in-depth review and get the smartest bike computer out there.



“It’s essentially the holy grail of customization and tweaking. And that concept extends straight into how you configure your data pages.”

“The Stages Dash M50 or L50 are both incredibly solid computers for the money that are ideally suited to those with structured training with a power meter or smart trainer.”

“The unsung hero of the Stages Dash lineup is actually the deeper integration with Stages Link, and the premium features they include there that other platforms like Garmin and Wahoo simply don’t have.” 

“I think it’s been clear through every iteration of the Stages Dash lineup that their ‘nailed it’ feature is the entire structured workout experience. And by and large within that ecosystem, they win there.”

“If you’re an athlete training for something with specificity, then there’s no beating the included Stages Link platform for the value.”



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