Cross Workouts That Will Push Your Limits

Cross Workouts That Will Push Your Limits

Push your Cyclocross limits with these workouts

Based out of Portland, OR, Team S&M CX is a small team that packs quite the punch. With experienced and emerging talent they shared the workouts that put them and keep them on the podium. Track all your workouts with a Stages Power Meter and Stages Dash and see you cycling improve.

Rider Beth Ann Orton has been racing with Team S&M for 11 seasons. Thats numerous UCI wins and multiple top five and top ten finishes. She shared with us her Off-Road Pyramid Sprint Workout that she does throughout the season, early in the week. In her own words, "They're a great way to push limits and have fun on the bike, while developing the coveted snap! required by cyclocross racing."

Workout 1: Off Road Pyramid Sprint Intervals

These are max effort sprints that should be done off-road or on trail/gravel/mixed surfaces on a slight incline.

Repeat the following 3-4 times.

  • 10-second Sprint

  • 3-minute Rest

  • 20-second Sprint

  • 3-minute Rest

  • 30-second Sprint

  • 3-minute Rest

  • 60-second Sprint

  • 10-minute Rest

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Now don't let Team S&M CX's small stature fool you. They're clearly fostering some of the best talent in the country: enter Clara Honsigner. In 2018 Honsinger became your U-23 Pan American Champion, marking one of the top U23 riders in the world. She shared with us her crushing VO2 max workout.

Workout 2: Clara's Crusher V02

For cyclocross, there’s value in practicing your intervals off-road and in mock competition type scenarios. As such, Honsinger's crusher V02 intervals are best done off-road and on a mock-cx course.

Add This Workout To Your TrainingThe intervals are 4 minutes each with 2-4 minutes of rest in between.

  • Start the lap as if you’re starting a race with a 20-30 second all-out effort.

  • Then "settle" into z5 V02 effort for the remainder of the 3.5 minutes.

  • Rest for 2-4 minutes

  • Then repeat 3-5 times

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can throw in a quick run at the end of the workout—just make sure that you finish the interval work first.


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