Training Tips: Moto Pacing Madness

Training Tips: Moto Pacing Madness

Paul Warner is the new guy on Team Clif Bar. He’s there to get in breaks and help out his teammates. He wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for a little help from his friends, and Paul will be the first to admit this. One of Paul’s favorite favors to ask is for someone to drive his scooter, so that he can practice attacking at high speeds. What’s high-speed? 30+ mph. Yeah, that’s hard to do for any length of time without a motor, which is why we need one for this workout.

The Workout: Paul Warner's Moto Madness

WARNING: Yes, this is an advanced workout. Yes, you need to be very competent on your bike and comfortable with decision making above threshold before you attempt it. Yes, you need to have a friend who’s well versed in bike riding and scooter driving to do this workout safely. Make no mistake this is an advanced technique that takes lots of skill and wherewithal when strung out and cross-eyed, but it’s also the one workout that can truly simulate the speeds, urgency and split-second decision making needed while racing.

Get Workout

15' Behind The Moto Warm Up (Add in the motor on flat roads, but ease into it and make sure you're communicating and in a safe place for this workout)

Repeat 5x:
3' effort in front of Moto max effort
3' rest behind Moto at Z3-4 before going hard again


Other notes for this workout:

Quiet roads with big shoulders are key.

We recommend completing a few motor-pace sessions at lower thresholds before going to this workout. There’s communication and technique required between the driver and rider that takes practice to get the hang of. Be safe and learn these techniques first before you add in the crushing efforts.

Many coaching companies offer instruction and run motor-paced sessions. This is a great way to learn motor-pacing techniques.


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