Indoor Cycling Business Booms as Matrix Fitness UK & Stages Partner Up

Indoor Cycling Business Booms as Matrix Fitness UK & Stages Partner Up

Stages Cycling is delighted to announce an exclusive UK distribution partnership with Matrix Fitness UK, a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech.  The agreement will see the two companies working in close partnership to increase Stages’ UK market share and support network, and continue its rapid growth in the UK fitness market.

Paddy Murray, VP International Sales at Stages, explains: “The Strategic partnership makes perfect sense for both businesses. We’ve been discussing a potential partnership since our launch in early 2015 and are delighted the planets have finally aligned to make this happen. Matrix Fitness UK has an unmatched distribution and support network in the UK and more importantly a strong cycling focus.

Indoor cycling is experiencing huge growth on a global scale. Boutique studios, group display systems, the addition of performance measurement and the adoption of ‘training with power’ in the studio environment are fueling this dynamic market growth. Indoor cyclists can still have a great group cycling experience but can now define, track and measure their own individual goals as well.  The Matrix UK team understands this shift and acknowledges what Stages Cycling offers as a solution for operators. That’s the key to this relationship. We’re not just selling bikes here, we’re changing the indoor cycling landscape.”

A desire to make a difference has led Matrix to develop a unique relationship with the world of cycling, particularly women’s cycling - a commitment that stretches beyond the development of gym equipment and technology. Matrix sponsors a team of nine female riders, known as Matrix Pro Cycling, which includes Olympic Champion Laura (Trott) Kenny. Matrix is also the ‘Official Health and Fitness Partner’ for the Tour of Britain, is a partner to the Aviva Women’s Tour and, in partnership with Sweetspot Ltd, has developed its own televised race series, the Matrix Fitness Grand Prix.

The partnership with Stages will further enhance the fitness equipment manufacturer’s cycling provision.

MD of Matrix Fitness UK, Jon Johnston, said: ‘’Partnership with Stages is a natural step for Matrix UK, with having been so deeply invested and involved in the sport of cycling through our professional team and partnerships with the Tour of Britain, The Women’s Tour and the Tour Series, we are connected with cycling from the grassroots right up to Olympic and Paralympic level.  Matrix Fitness UK therefore has great synergy with Stages.

We have witnessed the dramatic growth in cycling and the outdoor bike power meter market, which Stages have driven significantly with their highly accurate and innovative technology. Now that the same technology is available and proven indoors on an ergonomically excellent bike, it is logical for us to partner. Moreover, as well as the hardware element Stages also have their excellent digital solutions, which will help us deliver more motivational and effective workouts for our customers and help them track their outcomes.’’

Elena Lapetra, Commercial Director Stages Cycling U.K. says, “Matrix UK has real pedigree when it comes to cycling. Their understanding and passion for the sport is in keeping with Stages’ own heritage and brand authenticity. They understand cycling on a level none of the other full line fitness equipment manufacturers do, which to us was paramount, as once you immerse yourself into the world of cycling both indoors and outdoors, you can see the bigger picture, enabling you to offer something impactful, something exciting. We believe that it is not all about the bike; the sport, performance, fun, camaraderie and experience, all play a fundamental role in making a difference and positively contributing to the growth in participation. We’re proud to expand our initiatives around programming and coaching with power, our Stages University, VismoX technology, and several apps supporting club operations, coaches and riders. The network Matrix has in the UK fitness market as well as across professional, competitive cycling, knits perfectly with our values. 

We recruited and trained hundreds of coaches with our UK indoor cycling talent development programme, to join our mission of growing participation in indoor cycling in the UK, whether their style was ‘party on a bike’ or performance. Coupled with Matrix’s own cycling following and network, the Peloton just keeps getting stronger… Exciting road ahead.” 


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