How to Accelerate your Indoor Cycling Instructor Career

With gyms beginning to reopen for group fitness classes comes hiring and rehiring for instructors. Are you looking to refine your resume and return to the energy of teaching group cycling that we’ve all so dearly missed? Stages Cycling University has three new virtual options for getting certified to teach indoor cycling from the comfort of your own space, and results in some of the most preferred certified candidates in the industry.

I have always loved doing indoor cycling classes and have always admired the amazing instructors and the motivation that they provided. I decide it was my time to be the one at the front of the class. I picked Stages as it was highly recommended by instructors. I really enjoyed the virtual class.
Maria Z, 2021 SCU Participant

How do I get certified to teach indoor cycling?

Check out our courses page or read on below to determine which course is right for you. You’ll be able to click in and register for a scheduled virtual certification, and can begin the online home-study portion at your leisure.

You do not need a bike or a power meter to complete any of the virtual certifications. You just need a computer, tablet or smart phone and a bit of time!

After completing the material and attending the live-through-Zoom portion with a Master Educator, you’ll go through a short assessment and will be granted a certificate of completion with continuing education credit information upon success.

What is the best indoor cycling certification?

SCU has a variety of courses to meet the needs of any instructor and indoor cycling program. The best certification will depend on where you are in your instructor journey, and where you are headed! If getting certified is a new endeavor and you’ve never taught indoor cycling before, we recommend checking out Stages ONE as the perfect introductory course to building effective classes and communicating with your riders. If you know the basics of class building but want to add metrics and power meter data to the mix, check out Stages POWER Essentials. You will learn to craft performance-driven classes that your members will see results and progress from. Is party more your jam? Good news, you can party and offer your riders progress after going through Stages BEATS - the industry leading rhythm certification. In the BEATS course, learn to effectively ride to the beat, discover the science of human body movement and how to mix music, emotion and powerful communication to create your class masterpieces. With so many rhythm-based cycling studios popping up, the BEATS certification will give you a leg up in your application and instructor auditions.

How long does it take to get certified in indoor cycling?

The SCU virtual courses are around 8 hours of online home-study followed by a 4-hour zoom session with a Stages Master Educator.

Can you teach group fitness without a certification?

It depends on the gym or studio. Not all will require a certification but many will at least require continuing education credits with an accredited body such as ACE or AFAA, which SCU’s courses earn. That said, education is highly recommended for the safety of your riders, your ability to effectively lead cycling classes, and the longevity of your career!

Am I too (old, unfit, etc) to be a trainer?

Heck no! Come one, come all. Don’t take instructor images you might see in many of today’s fitness apps as industry standard. Many riders would actually prefer to see a class leader that looks like them! If you have the drive to learn, we are here to teach the skills.

I’m certified. How do I become a better cycling instructor?

Whoo-hoo! You can always add another certification to your resume, in a different class format. Even if your studio doesn’t offer that style of class to members, expanding your knowledge is always going to add value to your current skills. Stages Cycling University also offers a number of education workshops on specific topics such as teaching with metrics or connecting with riders in a variety of environments. These short, self-led, online workshops offer a ton of value with video lessons and ride profiles for you to put into practice as soon as the workshop is complete.

The SCU virtual course helped me become a better instructor. The courses are founded on science and evidence based training and are presented in a way that allows for all learners to benefit from the material. I highly recommend Stages Cycling University for indoor cycling certification and continuing education credits.
Lori B, 2021 SCU Participant


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