David Lloyd Clubs Takes Indoor Cycling to the Next Level With Stages Studio Pro

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With 126 locations (100 in the UK and 26 across Ireland and Europe), David Lloyd Clubs is a prominent leader in the health and fitness industry. They pride themselves on being a fitness destination for families and community members to connect and be active. To accomplish this goal, David Lloyd Clubs uses a comprehensive wellness approach for programming, especially in the area of group fitness. We sat down with Marie Graham, Lloyd’s Product Head Cycling Director, to gain some insight on how they are taking their indoor cycling classes to the next level with Stages Indoor Bikes and Stages Studio.


Stages Cycling: What was your team looking for as you shopped around for group display software?

Graham: We were looking for something that would set us apart and differentiate us from other clubs in the area. We were also looking for a product that could elevate our services to more of a premium experience. 

More specifically, we were looking for a platform that:

  • Integrated well with our booking system and programming
  • Delivered a slick member experience
  • Provided a scalable instructor experience. All of our instructors go through an intensive certification process, so adding anything to their training needs to be seamless and relevant. The group display software we selected had to serve our business and our instructors well.

Stages Cycling: What challenges did your team have prior to using Stages Studio?

Graham: The system we used prior to Stages Studio Pro did not integrate well with our booking system and was not scalable. 


Stages Cycling: What singular feature of Stages Studio does your team love the most?

Graham: The color-mode feature is a game-changer. The software we used prior to Stages Studio Pro, did not allow instructors to build and create their classes around both metrics and rhythm. As a result, we had a whole subgroup of instructors that either excluded themselves from teaching or were poorly supported through the creation process. Now with Stage Studio Pro, our instructors, who love both music and metrics, have an easy and effective way to structure their classes. 

Our old software did not provide our instructors with the ability to plan and practice their classes at home either. If they wanted to go over or practice their class before teaching, they would have to come into the club to do so. But now with Stages Studio Pro, they are able to create and rehearse their classes in the comfort of their own homes before they get to class. This allows our instructors to be better prepared to teach each week. 


Stages Cycling: Are there any other things that you find helpful?

Graham: Stages indoor bikes are phenomenal! They are of exceptional quality and are low-maintenance. We’ve also noticed a very low rate of variability from bike to bike. The bikes deliver consistent measurements, regular firmware updates, and power meters that automatically zero reset, so our team can focus on creating effective content and an engaging experience, rather than worrying about equipment and technology.   

We were able to integrate our programming, training, and booking systems into Stages Studio and white label the entire system as our own too. This enables us to focus our energy on creating quality instructors, amazing content, and a fabulous experience while Stages Studio provides the data and technology we need. This not only sets us apart in the industry but also provides our members with premium services. It’s a great partnership. 




Additionally, we were able to create a robust virtual library that consists of 72 professionally-filmed videos, and all utilize the Stages Studio Pro software. Now our members can take one of our group cycling classes whenever they’d like, even if there is not a live instructor available to teach it.   


Stages Studio Pro has enabled us to better support our instructors as well. We have a massive file of pre-designed classes and playlists the instructors can utilize on the go. This can eliminate hours and hours of at-home planning and serves as a reference/guide for them to build their own plans. Instructors can also cut & paste portions of these pre-programmed classes into their own plans to create a unique plan of their own.

Virtual Indoor Cycling ClassVirtual Indoor Cycling Class







Stages Cycling: What singular feature does your membership love the most?

Graham: Our members love the in-class video display. It really adds to the ride experience. The after-class emails are another favorite. They are clear, concise, and provide the post-ride metrics our members are most interested in.





Stages Cycling: How has class size/attendance changed since launching Stages Studio?

Graham: Before launching Stages Studio Pro the format and content of our group cycling classes varied from club to club so it was hard to track valid changes in class attendance. Stages Studio Pro enabled us to create two key class offerings: Cyclone (power) and Rhythm. These class formats can be measured and replicated across all of our 126 clubs, so we anticipate 2022 to be a great baseline to gauge valid growth.  

This new structure has shaped our training model as well. We now have 20 master trainers, 300 Rhythm Instructors, and 300 Cyclone Instructors to sustain our cycling program. We have a rigorous application and training process and all of our instructors are required to attend upskill training 3 times a year as well. The software and data support that Stage Studio Pro provides us allows us to keep our focus on our instructors and our members, and that makes a big difference. 


Stages Cycling: How has overall membership changed since launching Stages Studio? 

Graham: Our membership rates are up, compared to 2019 numbers. Interestingly, our penetration rate for our group cycling classes has stayed the same. This tells us that indoor cycling is growing with us and that we’re moving in a good direction. 


Indoor Cycling Class with Group DisplayIndoor Cycling Class with Group Display


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