The RAD Pack's primary goal is to have as much fun as possible at wild and crazy bike events. The RAD Pack love cycling, nature and races.


The RAD Pack ride the Ultegra LR Power.

FAVOURITE FEATURE: The smart pages for power training!

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: Even if the weather is bad, Stages allows me to be ready for any type of training. Map features allow me to go out on adventure rides from the comfort of my own home.

FAVOURITE WORKOUT: Power 40 seconds on - 20 seconds off



Their mission?
Stop Racism – Start Raceism! No matter on what bike you ride. What your colour of your skin is. Your religion.We don’t care where you come from and why you ride. We just wanna share our passion for cycling with you. We are 12 friends with a dream. Our own event series and our own cycling apparel.
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