STAGES ATHLETE: L’Equipe Provence

L'Equipe Provence is an international club of friends, ride leaders and racers on Zwift and real life. It's time to play bikes!

DISCIPLINE: E-Racing, Road, Gravel

BASE: Paris, France


L'Equipe Provence ride the Ultegra LR Power, Dash and SB20 Smart Bike.

FAVORITE FEATURES: W/KG, time, wattage, cadence and heart rate.

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: Stages power meters are our go-to power source for e-racing and Zwift Badge Hunting. When you need instant, accurate, reliable data, L’Equipe Provence only rides on Stages!



Favourite workout?
Wednesday Night Apéro Sprints!

MUST-HAVE GEAR: A strong indoor fan!

POST-RACE CELEBRATION: A cold glass of rose, of course.

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