Callum Millward is a pro racer who specializes in long distance triathlon, from half ironman to full ironman. He raced in the 2015 and 2016 world championships.


BASE: Noosa, AUS & Bolder, Co


Callum Millward rides the Ultegra LR Power. 

FAVOURITE WORKOUT: 60mins of Ironman power—for me: that’s 240 watts—at the end of a long ride. So at the end of a ride with a total time of 5.5-6 hours, or 170-180km, I’ll do the last hour at a steady 240 watts.



Happiest moment?
You do all this training, but race day always can turn our differently. When I completed my first Ironman in 2015 my average power for the bike read 222 watts. I felt like all the stars had aligned and all the training had paid off.
Why Ironman?
I’ve always been a slow-twitch muscle kind of guy, and Ironman is about staying steady and knowing your pace.

WHAT'S ON CAL'S DASH: Power, avg power, lap power, cadence, lap time or alternatively just power 3s/time/cadence.

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