STAGES TEAM: WTB x Pivot Endurance Off-Road Team

We are a professional cyclocross team that is home to the current elite national champion - Eric Brunner - the U23 national champion - Scott Funston - and the Womens Singlespeed national champion - Sunny Gilbert. We race a full domestic and international cyclocross schedule including many world cups and the world championships. In addition, our riders are prominent in the gravel, road and mountain bike circuits in the spring and summer and have notched several big wins and podiums. The team is also committed to developing U23 talent and has supported U23 development riders for the past 7 years and will do so with several high level female U23 riders this season. 

DISCIPLINE: Cyclocross, Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike

BASE: Boulder, Colorado


WTB x Pivot Endurance Off-Road Team rides all of Stages Power Meter Products

WHAT STAGES PRODUCTS DO THEY HAVE? Power Meter, Dash, Heart Rate Monitors and SB20 Smart Bike.

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: We love the maps and the ability to upload the course of the gravel races we compete in. It’s always nice to know what’s coming and be a step ahead on confusing courses.



Favorite Race Moment
2021 National Championships. We took 4 National Championships in the team but the really memorable part was how excited the whole team were for each other. Everyone lended info, knowledge and passion to each other and this allowed us to reach an incredible high level. Our staff was composed of loved ones, coaches and even former riders and it truly was all for one.

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THEIR FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT: One of our favorites for cx is 30/30’s into a 3 min sustained effort. And full gas cx style start sprints into a threshold piece. These efforts simulate the style of racing that cx is and help us prepare physically for the demands of the sport.

THIER FAVORITE CROSS TRAINING WORKOUT: We run and lift. Sound stability and leg strength is vital for cx as is a degree of athleticism. Incorporating run sprints and challenging strength moves keep us stable and healthy.

AFTER A RACE... They like to enjoy a nice beer - IPA specifically, burgers, and some ice cream. 

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