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DC Rainmaker

“The StagesBike is a solid entrant into the smart bikes category. No, really, it’s physically very solid. It’s the tank of bikes compared to competitors. You’ll be pedaling this well into the next century. But, it’s also a good bike for working with apps today.”

VIDEO: Stages Bike SB20 In-Depth Review // Tech Specs, Riding, Apps, Accuracy

ARTICLE: Stages Bike (SB20) In-Depth Review

Velo News

“The Stages crew’s background in indoor bikes shines through in this smart bike with excellent stability, best-in-class frame clearance and easy adjustment.”

VIDEO: Ben Delaney’s StagesBike SB20 Review

ARTICLE: StagesBike SB20 smart bike review


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Shane Miller – GP Lama

“If this was the only bike that I had to train on indoors, I’d be fine. It works, no problems at all for me.”

VIDEO: Part 1 Unboxing, Build & Rider Fit

VIDEO: Part 2 Gearing Setup

VIDEO: Part 3 Long Term Ride Review



“When it’s all said and done, this was one of my favorite of the Smart Trainers for a number of reasons.”

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SB20 Owner Reviews

“I’ve been riding trainers for 15 years. The Stages is the best setup I have ever had by far.”

“Love it. By far, the best smart bike on the market.”

“I’m incredibly happy with the choice I made. Prefer long term durability and am confident that’s what we have.”

“It’s absolutely solid and the flywheel is extremely quiet and smooth. I love this thing so much.”

“Super quiet, solid, no worries about wearing out expensive road bike parts, and easy grind free shifting. Love it!”


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