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From indoor cycling to providing power to the world's best athletes across every discipline of cycling, Stages offers power for every rider.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with a manufacturing and R&D base in Boulder, Colorado, Stages Cycling came to market in 2012 to completely blow apart the category of power measurement. Six World Championships and less than a year later, the world’s most data-driven, obsessive, professional cycling team, Team Sky, chose to exclusively ride Stages Power meters to victory in the most grueling professional cycling races in the world, including the world time-trial championships.



In 2010, our core design and executive team—holding more than 200 patents and a combined 50 years of design, manufacturing, and product experience in the cycling and fitness industry—set out to pioneer power measurement for indoor cycling.


They started with what they knew, indoor cycling, and developed power meters to work on indoor cycling bikes. These bikes, operating under the high demands of health clubs’ indoor cycling programs, were Stages’ first power measurement test subjects.


Thousands of indoor cycling bikes later and countless hours of work spent fine-tuning the power meter’s capabilities, our team began work to produce our first outdoor meter.

Taking everything they learned from the indoor meter, the team applied their new found knowledge to their experience in outdoor cycling. For the first time in decades, they revolutionized the power measurement process and ultimately released a high-tech product at an industry-leading price.

They added Bluetooth, so the meter could be easily updated with contemporary firmware. They pioneered Active Temperature Compensation, keeping the meter accurate despite changing climates, and without the need to stop pedaling. Finally, they used an accelerometer to measure cadence—something our competition said was impossible—eliminating the need for any external sensors or magnets. The result was a product that set trends, at a price like no one had ever seen in the power meter market.

Stages is Power for Every Rider.


In the past three years, riders using Stages Power have won 11 World Championships across a multitude of cycling disciplines. Stages Power is proof that when you make power accessible to every rider, the results will follow.



Today, Stages Power meters are still designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado—the endurance sport mecca of the world—and are the official power meter of the world’s best road, mountain, triathlon, and bmx cyclists.

Stages Power Meters are all designed and assembled in Boulder, CO. The company places a high value on our domestic assembly and strives to consider the environmental and social impacts of the company’s actions.