The ANT+ and Bluetooth connected SB20 is optimized for the Zwift platform.

At the heart of the Stages Bike is a smooth, silent electronic resistance unit providing up to 2,200 watts (at 130 rpm) of stunningly realistic road feel. A 50lb oversized flywheel - largest of any Smart Bike - makes climbing, acceleration and coasting feel spot on.

Stages SB20 Indoor Bike in a garage with Zwift setupStages SB20 Indoor Bike in a garage with Zwift setup
The Stages SB20 is a fantastic smart trainer. I cannot fault their customer service, who were friendly and very responsive. I’ve now owned this bike for 6 months and it’s been awesome... this thing is built like a tank and feels very stable both when riding normally and sprinting.
Stages SB20 ready to rideStages SB20 ready to ride


Designed to give you the perfect fit no matter your ride style or preferences.

With micro-adjust saddle fore/aft adjustment and handlebar reach/stack with laser-etched sizing scales, adjustable brake hoods and crank arm settings ranging from 165mm to 175mm, you can tune the Stages Bike to precisely replicate the fit and feel of your favorite bike and get the most out of your indoor rides.

Tools for a Real Bike Fit on SB20

Stages SB20 saddle positionStages SB20 saddle position
Saddle Position

Saddle fore/aft and height can accommodate riders from 4’-10” to 6’-10” in seconds. Every adjustment is secure and free of creaking or slipping.

Stages SB20 crank lengthStages SB20 crank length
Crank Length

With four pedal positions you can easily adjust the SB20 for 165, 170, 172.5 or 175mm crank lengths in seconds. Custom Allen wrench included.

Stages SB20 reach and stackStages SB20 reach and stack
Reach and Stack

 Quick-turn dials and levers allow you to adjust your stem length and height to nail your perfect handlebar position.

Stages SB20 handlebarsStages SB20 handlebars
Bar Options

You can swap the standard road bar with your own preferred shape including MTB and aero bars.

The crew behind Stages was building indoor bikes for national chains long before they launched Stages as a power-meter company, and that experience shows in this bike. It's rock-solid, easy to use, easy to adjust, and fits a wide range of riders... the ride feel is excellent, thanks to the 50lb flywheel.


The SB20 will fit riders from 4’10” to 6’10”.

The SB20 features adjustable crank length and adjusts to riders in seconds. The bike is designed to provide a world-class experience when riding with indoor cycling studio platforms like Peloton, Equinox+, Les Mills+, Apple Fitness+ and of course Stages Studio+. it’s the perfect bike for every rider in your house.

Stages SB20 training indoorsStages SB20 training indoors
Stages SB20 real bike feelStages SB20 real bike feel

Real Bike Feel

The SB20 has the most realistic feeling of riding an outdoor bike, indoors.

Customize and tune your exact virtual setup. The 50lb flywheel is what really makes the SB20 stand out. It is the only bike that can deliver the realistic inertia of outdoor riding, making climbing, acceleration and coasting feel spot on.

Stages SB20 real world gearingStages SB20 real world gearing
Real World Gearing

Shimano or Campagnolo electronic and manual shifting to match your real world cycling. Configured with the Stages Cycling app.

Stages SB20 custom gearingStages SB20 custom gearing
Custom Gearing

Select from a traditional 53/39t and 11-28t road setup to a 1×12 modern MTB setup, with lots of options in between.

Stages SB20 resistance feelStages SB20 resistance feel
Resistance Feel

Smooth, silent electronic resistance provides up to 2,200 watts of stunningly realistic road feel.

Stages SB20 Dream DriveStages SB20 Dream Drive
Dream Drive

Dream Drive provides a sequential virtual drivetrain with up to 50 gears, up to a 55-11t high gear and a 1:2 low gear.


We provide the most comprehensive and longest warranty in the smart bike category.

We’ve poured over a 25 years worth of indoor studio bike design and manufacturing experience into the SB20, resulting in a whisper quiet, durable and feature-packed indoor machine that’ll deliver thousands of trouble-free miles.

Stages indoor commercial bikesStages indoor commercial bikes
The SB20 is an amazing machine to ride. What marks the riding experience is more the stability, smoothness, and the shifting... It really is an amazing experience.
Stages SB20 with favorite cycling appsStages SB20 with favorite cycling apps

Customize Shifters, Virtual Gearing and More

Full custom virtual gear and steering settings via the Stages App.

Tune your indoor cycling experience to exactly what you want it to be. Swap the handlebar or saddle with your favorite model including mountain bars or aero bars, and the Stages app can customize shift button functions and virtual drivetrain to match (or outperform) your outdoor bike.

World Class Stages Power

7 Grand Tours, 25 World Championships, 50 National Championships from the power meter that changed the cycling industry.

Always train with an accurate and reliable power meter. A Stages Gen 3 dual-sided power meter delivers +/- 1.5% precision power measurement. Train at home with the same meter the pros swear by. Multiple Tour de France victories can’t be wrong.

Stages SB20 power meterStages SB20 power meter
Stages SB20 for every riderStages SB20 for every rider

HOW TO GET Started on zwift

Download the latest version of the Zwift App.

Open the Zwift App, go to connections. Pair a new device and click on the power source, then Zwift is going to look for various Bluetooth devices. Connect to Stages L Power meter, repeat for Cadence. The SB20 has dual BT connectivity, so while you’re Zwifting, you can also connect to the Stages Link app for additional features.


Smooth, quiet riding, and save 15 mins per ride on a smart bike.

The initial cost outlay on a quality smart bike is more expensive than a smart trainer. However, the benefits are significant. Smart bike are simple and quick to set up and don’t put any wear and tear on your drive train. In addition the SB20 enables you to simulate whichever drive train type you want. Just jump on and ride.

Stages SB20 power meterStages SB20 power meter


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