STAGES ATHLETE: yeti/fox shox factory race team

Yeti founded one of the first professional mountain bike teams. With over 25 years of racing experience, Yeti is expert in making racers go faster. Now focusing entirely on the up-and-coming sport of enduro, the Yeti Factory Racing team is set on conquering the Enduro World Series.

DISCIPLINE: Enduro & Slalom

BASE: Golden, CO


The biggest thing for me when I started using Stages Power was being able to recover correctly. It is really easy to push too hard on what should be a recovery day, having the data right in front of you keeps you from doing so.
Shawn Neer

shawn neer profile

Shawn Neer raced downhill for the majority of his career and tried Enduro for the first time in 2016. He really enjoyed the format. It was the perfect change for his style of riding. After racing his first full year of Enduro in 2017 he was hooked.

FAVORITE WORKOUT: 15 minute warm up, 15s on – 30s off until the legs give up or I want to puke 15 minute spin out.

WORK-OUT SONG: Anything Chet Faker


duncan nason profile

Power let’s me finally ride road bikes at consistent pace. Then also knowing my max output on the mountain bike and trying to match that and see how long I can hold a certain amount of power is very helpful.

Duncan Nason started racing when he was 10 years old. He raced Downhill and slowly started to transition to enduro racing when he was old enough to compete. He raced the Oregon Enduro Series and won the series in the U21 category,  then set out to try and win the BME series and signed for Yeti in, racing his first year as a PRO at national events. He placed 3rd overall in the Big Mountain Enduro series and won the last round in Crested Butte. 


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