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Team Member, Finote Weldemariam, was a member of the inaugural SAU cycling team. Originally from Keren, Eritrea, he graduated from SAU in 2021 with a degree in Organizational Management. He joined the cycling team coaching staff for the 2021-2022 season to lead the next generation of pioneers.

DISCIPLINE: Road, Crit, CX, and Gravel

BASE: Raleigh, North Carolina


Finote and other SAU Cycling Members ride the R8000 Power Meter

WHAT OTHER PRODUCTS DOES SAU USE? L200 Bike Computer, and StagesPulse Heart Rate Monitor 

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: In Finote's experience, Stages products has helped his training and goals by giving him the exact results of my hard work which he is able to improve base on that data. One of his favorite features about his Dash is that it's large and he's able to see the numbers without any issues as well as the color wheel that allows you to determine how hard you are pushing yourself.


Favorite Race Moment
One of my favorite races was when we shot episode two of the documentary for SAU cycling team when we raced in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I got dropped within 20 minutes into a 50 minute race and that encourage me to even work more to not get dropped again in any race or ride. It was a horrible feeling to be the last one to finish specially when it's a documentary film. Mentally it was the best thing that happened to me because it allowed me to understand to build up on my losses instead of been disappointed on myself because that will not get me to my full potential.
Finote Weldemariam
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