Sam Holness is 29 years old. He recently became the world's first openly triathlete with autism to complete a full distance Ironman event. Sam's goals include gaining his triathlon professional card by 2024 and using sport as a means of raising the awareness of neurodiversity in sport, globally, to encourage people like me to take up sport. He is also an ambassador the charity Ambitious About Autism and for several leading sports brands including Stages Cycling.

DISCIPLINE: Triatholon

BASE: London, UK


Sam Holness rides the Dash Series, Dura Ace R9100 (Dual sided) and the SB20 Smart Bike.

WHAT'S ON SAM'S DASH: There are two featureS that are my favourites, the ease of reading the large screen on the L200 and the function that reminds me to drink and eat during races and training.

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: I train with power on my bike, rather than pace so I need accuracy, consistency and the long battery life that the L200 provides. The G3 Dura ace power meter on my bike is perfect companion for the L200



Favorite Race Moment
My best race ever was my first full Ironman at the European Championships in Frankfurt in June 2022. This race was great because I learned that I could complete a full Ironman and that I was strong and determined enough not to DNF. I also learned that I can go a lot faster next time. I also liked it when I crossed the finishing line and announcer said "Sam Holness, you are an Ironman"


FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT: Most my cycling takes place on the Stages SB20 on either, Zwift, Rouvy or FulGaz. I would say riding Alp De Zwift is my favourite power workout

FAVORITE TRAINING WORKOUT: 1 hour plyometric session in the gym followed by high volume low weight kettlebells. I also do a lot of indoor rowing

SAM'S HYPE SONG: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor



     Instagram: @samholnesstri

     TikTok: @samholnesstri

     Twitter: @samholnesstri


Photo Credit: Sportograph

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