Marc Dubrick is a professional triathlete for Team USA and JP Elite. He trains full-time chasing his goal of being the top triathlete in the world and representing the USA at the 2024 Olympics. With three Ironman 70.3 starts and three podiums so far, Marc is excited for what’s to come once he makes the full switch to non-draft racing.


BASE: Glen Ellyn, IL

Stages athlete Marc DubrickStages athlete Marc Dubrick
Stages athlete Marc Dubrick and his bikeStages athlete Marc Dubrick and his bike


Marc's TT bike has a Stages Dash, Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 right side power meter and 105 Left. His Road bike has an Ultegra left side 8000 power meter.

WHAT'S EXCITING ABOUT POWER:  I've never had dual sided power before so I am very interested to see how my LR balance and smoothness are.

BEST THING ABOUT DASH: My favorite profile is the Power Color Wheel with the lap data super easy see at a glance.



Favorite Stages Moment
I really like how simple you can have one data screen and the very next page just be a crazy amount of ride data. You can stay focused on an interval and see everything you'd want to know during recovery time. 

Marc uses both the M200 and L200 Stages Dash.

Stages Dash on TT bikeStages Dash on TT bike
Stages athlete Marc Dubrick on his bikeStages athlete Marc Dubrick on his bike


FAVORITE HYPE SONG: Anything hard rock.

GO-TO POST-RACE CELEBRATION: Hopefully a champagne shower on the podium! 

FAVORITE POST-RACE FOOD: After my draft legal races I have a huge sweet tooth but for some reason after long course races I'm so over the sweet stuff. Sometimes all I want is a nice burger. 

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