Erin has made significant gains within the North American and International race scene to become a top US racer; a 2016 and 2020 Olympic Long List team member, 4 time National Champion, and a regular UCI podium threat.

DISCIPLINE: Mountain Bike XC

BASE: Boulder, Colorado


Erin Huck rides the Dura-Ace XTR and SB20 SmartBike.

WHAT'S ON ERIN'S DASH: Ride time, heart rate, RPM, time of day, 3sec Power.

BEST THING ABOUT STAGES: Stages allowed me to train with power on my mountain bike….which has been HUGE. I can race with it and train with it enabling me to simulate race efforts in training.



Favorite Stages Moment
The power numbers don’t lie. Having consistent feedback on my efforts allows me to measure progress, hit specific training targets, and helps to determine if something is a bit off…like if I need more rest, or if I’m not performing at my best.

Erin was one of the first athletes to start training with the new StagesBike SB20 smart bike.

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