StagesBike SB20 Control Modes

STages SB20 Smart Bike Control Modes

The StagesBike can be used as a stand alone bike with no additional applications or devices needed, or users can connect devices and applications that use Bluetooth or ANT to control resistance. StagesBikes has four control modes that give the rider a Real Bike Feel.


Simulation mode is one of the modes a connected application/device can enable on the StagesBike. A connected application such as Zwift, RGT, Rouvy or others can send variables that result in a realistic outdoor riding feel that calculates;

  • Gradient
  • Windspeed
  • Rolling resistance
  • Drafting

The user can press the configurable shift buttons to change virtual gears in response to App-controlled simulated riding conditions.


Target power, or “ERG” mode is another mode a connected application or device can use to control resistance on the StagesBike. Target power mode controllers send a wattage value that the StagesBike will attempt to maintain as users pedal.

The shifter buttons do nothing in this mode, as the resistance depends entirely on cadence and the controller target power value. This helps ensure the user performs the workout effort as prescribed.

The StagesBike will be optimized for the most popular indoor cycling platforms including Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Rouvy, Road Grand Tours, FulGaz, Kinomap and others.


Level mode is the third mode a connected Bluetooth or ANT+ device (such as a Stages Dash GPS computer) can use to control resistance on the StagesBike. Level mode is an arbitrary way to control resistance, meaning the device connected to the StagesBike can ask for the full range of resistance available. The StagesBike replies with its capabilities, and the controller breaks up the range into equal steps, allowing the user to control resistance like a simple resistance knob or dial.

The number of levels is up to the controller, as it can define one level or many depending on the preference of the device used to control the StagesBike. The StagesBike will produce the least amount of resistance when level is lowest, and 100% resistance when the level is max.


Manual mode is enabled any time there is no external controller sending commands to the StagesBike. Specifically:

  • When the user powers on the StagesBike
  • 15 minutes of inactivity

Manual mode allows users to change gears using the shift buttons (or use the brake levers) to create resistance during their ride. Manual mode uses a version of Simulation mode, however the gradient is a constant 2% at all times. Gear changes and RPM changes will vary resistance.


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