StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike Customization


Customize Real World Gearing

A real bike feel requires real bike gears. The Stages Link app allows users to select from a wide range of drivetrain setups, from a traditional 53/39t and 11-28t road setup to a 1×12 modern MTB setup, with lots of options in between.

Create virtual setups for all your favorite bikes, and select custom gearing for each. Custom gearing allows the rider to use the same gears they’d have in the real world by selecting the following:

  • The number of front chainrings and the size of each
  • The number of gears in the cassette and the cassette layout

Dream Drive – The Ultimate Drivetrain

Your indoor cycling experience doesn’t have to be limited to real-world drivetrain options. Dream Drive provides a wide range 1x sequential virtual drivetrain with up to 50 gears.

Dream Drive is a cassette that has as many gears as a rider wants, up to 50 evenly spaced cogs with an equivalent to a 55-11t high gear and a 1:1 low gear.

For Dream Drive, use the Link app to:

  • Choose the number of gears in the virtual rear cassette (from 10 up to 50)
  • Configure the left shifter for multi-gear jumps

Customize Button Functions

Make your SB20 shift like your outdoor bike with preset maps based on existing drivetrain options, or customize to your preference. Steering? In-game power ups? When these features come to your favorite 3rd party indoor platforms the SB20 is ready, and the LINK app will allow riders to assign actions to buttons on their SB20.

Assign bike actions to each button on their smart bike, or choose from presets that are mapped similarly to common shifting layouts on road bikes.

Trainer Control and Gear Indicators

The Stages LINK app can provide Trainer Control functions including SIM, ERG and Level modes for resistance alone with a gear indicator and LR power balance.

This provides a simple control of the StagesBike for those looking to ride the StagesBike without any other applications.


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