best indoor cycling bikesbest indoor cycling bikes


From the indoor cycling studio to training at home, Stages is the top choice for indoor bikes by industry leaders and professional cyclists.

Shop the SB20 smart bike for the home, or check out the commercial grade Stages indoor bikes made for the cardio floor or indoor cycling studio.

Best bikes for the gymBest bikes for the gym

Looking to purchase indoor bikes for the studio or a gym?

Stages SB20 Smart BikeStages SB20 Smart Bike


The ultimate home cycling setup.

Empower yourself to engage in hassle free high intensity training sessions with the silky smooth Stages SB20.

The ANT+ and Bluetooth connected SB20 is optimized for the most popular indoor cycling platforms.


Deliver an engaging cycling experience to any cardio floor with virtual bikes.

Check out Stages’ trusted commercial indoor bikes with mounted tablets and digital cycling experiences for any cardio environment. Stages has partnered with world class content creators to bring safe, reliable content to any audience. 

Stages virtual indoor cycling bikesStages virtual indoor cycling bikes


Stages Pulse Heart Rate MonitorStages Pulse Heart Rate Monitor

Track every beat of your workout with the new StagesPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor. Comfortably and securely fits any body type. ANT+ and Bluetooth broadcast. 

Stages Cycling Tablet HolderStages Cycling Tablet Holder
Tablet Holder

Hold a device on your Stages SC1, SC2, or SC3, from smartphones to large tablets. Ride to your choice of content. 

Stages Aero Handlebars for Indoor BikesStages Aero Handlebars for Indoor Bikes
Aero Bar Handlebars

Custom aero bar provides an additional triathlete-style riding position on the Stages SC indoor bikes.

Stages Media Shelf for Indoor BikesStages Media Shelf for Indoor Bikes

The media shelf is easily installed on SC indoor bikes with or without a console, and is a favorite on instructor bikes for phone accessibility.


How to start a boutique indoor cycling studioHow to start a boutique indoor cycling studio


Cycling studios are quickly becoming a leader in the fitness industry, generating more than 55% of revenue compared to other standalone fitness studios. Here are the key things to consider before starting your own boutique cycling studio.

Amp up your indoor cycling workouts with powerAmp up your indoor cycling workouts with power


When it comes to indoor cycling, adding power to your rides is much like having a personal trainer in your corner. The metrics of our rides better shape and guide us towards our fitness goals. And they also keep us coming back for more.


  • Are Stages bikes compatible with ZWIFT?
    The Stages SC3, Stages SB20 Smart Bike and any bike with a Stages Power meter are compatible with Zwift. When connecting to Zwift, connect the Stages Power meter to Zwift. SB20 can be connected as controllable, and will change resistance based on virtual hills in Zwift.
  • Can I pair my Stages bike to Strava?

    For Stages Cycling bikes equipped with a Stages Power meter and/or a Bluetooth-enabled console, it is possible to record your power data using the third-party fitness service of your choice and sync to training websites, such as Strava or Training Peaks.  

    • By pairing with a Bluetooth-enabled console, you may be able to connect directly to the console to record power, heart rate, and speed together within the app.
    • By pairing directly to a power meter, you can log power and cadence data into any service compatible with cycling power meters. Note that with this option, you will need to pair to your mobile device before activating the console to connect to the power meter over Bluetooth.

    To record your ride, you will need to download the app onto your compatible iOS or Android device, and pair it to your sensors. More information can be found here.

  • How loud is a Stages indoor bike?
    Both the Stages SC series bikes and the Stages SB20 Smart Bike are surprisingly quiet with the carbon drive. Your fan will likely be louder than your bike.
  • How hard is the cycling bike to move?
    All Stages bikes have wheels on the front stabilizer, making it fairly easy for one person to tip the bike forward and roll it around as needed.
  • What is a good indoor bike for small spaces?
    The SC Series bikes and SB20 are compact and easy to move by tipping them forward on their wheels.
  • What bike is best for a group cycling class?
    The SC Series bikes will be best for the group cycling environment and have been proven in the world's top clubs and boutique studios. The SC3 comes with a Stages Power meter and console for rider data collection. The SC2 and SC1 have rhythm style handlebars and all SC series bikes are on a frame durable for any class type and amount of use. 
  • The bike cycling instructors choose
    Instructors around the world know and love the SC Series bikes. Ride on the most intuitive, smooth, comfortable ride yet. Stages is the leading indoor cycling brand, and the Bike that is chosen by instructors around the country. Stages has trained over 20 thousand instructors worldwide on the SC Series bikes.
  • Get the best studio bike, in your own home
    Stages bikes are used in cycling leading gyms and boutique studios around the world. Get world-class indoor bikes for an at home experience usually reserved for in person classes at your local gym. Millions of riders world wide love riding Stages bikes in their gym, and these same bikes are now available to purchase for the home as well.
  • Indoor bikes that simulate outdoor riding
    The Stages SB20 Smart Bike will simulate outdoor riding better than any other indoor bike on the market. Ride a bike that simulates outdoor riding, keeping it fun, interesting and translates fitness gains both outdoors or indoors. Customize and tune your exact virtual setup. The 50lb flywheel is what really makes the SB20 stand out. It is the only bike that can deliver the realistic inertia of outdoor riding making climbing, acceleration and coasting feel spot on.
  • Indoor training while mimicking your own bike
    Stages’ indoor bikes will mimic your own bike fit when you follow Stages instructions for finding the perfect fit. Stages realizes bike fit is super important to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort while riding. Follow StagesFit for the SC Series, or adjust your stack, reach, and crank lengths on the Stages SB20.
  • Cycling all year round
    When the weather is less than ideal or inviting to ride outside, triathletes and cyclists alike can maintain and build their fitness with best in class training that combines indoor bikes and indoor bike instruction. Find a local studio near you to help keep the motivation going through winter months, and purchase a bike to set up in your home and stream your favorite workouts.
  • What is the best bike for rhythm style riding?
    The Stages SC2 is designed for the world’s most popular rhythm based cycling classes, and is perfect for anyone that wants to take advantage of the smoothest ride while easily enabling HIIT workouts. The latest handlebar design caters to every hand position comfortably, and the next generation SprintShift makes switching between intervals quick and easy. 
  • Most durable indoor bike
    The SC Series indoor bikes are featured in the world’s leading clubs and boutique studios, and get over 100 million rides per year, in some cases sweated on for 12 hours a day. All SC series bikes are built on the most durable platform for ease of service and maintenance for the operator. The frame design acts as a sweat shield and are made from aluminum or steel, the drive system requires no lubrication, maintenance, or replacement costs of a chain or poly-v drive. The Stages Power meter is the most accurate, reliable, and consistent direct power meter on the market.
  • How to pick an exercise bike
    Stages has an indoor bike for every environment. First decide if you're looking for a commercial indoor bike or an indoor bike for your home. The Stages commercial bikes are built to be sweated on all day, every day and are engineered for smoothness and stability. The SC series studio bikes can be as simple or as smart as you like. Choose to include the Stages Power meter and console for data collection, and choose the handlebar type to fit your studio needs. Stages has virtual bikes options for the cardio floor, with a variety of top content, accessible to any member. The Stages SB20 smart bike is the best indoor bike option for your home, with the ability to connect to the top cycling apps and is highly adjustable for your perfect fit. 
  • Indoor cycling bike or upright exercise bike?
    Stages bikes are engineered, marketing and sold by cyclists, for cyclists, and do not make upright bikes. Upright bikes require the exerciser to remain seated, where indoor bikes enable the rider to workout in a variety of positions for a much more full body workout, engaging different muscle groups. Upright bikes have a stereotype of being more comfortable, but with an indoor bike such as Stages, riders can dial in their perfect bike fit and can workout with great comfort. 
  • I find indoor cycling to be extremely boring. How do I fix that?
    Try adding data-backed workouts into your routine! Collecting data allows you to follow a prescripted workout in the group class on group display, on the bike console, through content on a virtual bike tablet, or by connecting one of the top cycling apps. Following a workout with accurate, direct power measurement is super engaging and will allow you to see measured progress in your cycling journey. If focused cycling workouts are not your thing, try joining a group exercise class at your local gym or studio! The group environment is motivating and fun, coached by an instructor and with an awesome playlist. 
  • Will indoor cycling prepare you for outdoor cycling?
    Yes! Indoor cycling allows you to get a very focused and uninterrupted workout. You can complete focused intervals in a structured, power-based workout to see measured progress that will translate to outdoor strength. You can also do drills to help with form or do single leg drills. Indoor cycling is the perfect option to get a solid cycling base over the winter months, keeping you strong for when the weather turns nice enough to ride outside. 
  • What cycling shoes are best for Stages indoor bikes?
    The Stages SP3 and SP2 pedals can accommodate both SPD (2-bolt) and Delta (3-bolt) cleats. The SPD-SL cleat, which is similar to a Delta cleat, is NOT compatible with the Stages SP3 and SP2 pedals. Both models of the Shimano SPD cleat are compatible with Stages indoor pedals, but have found better success and less maintenance needed when the SM-SH56 is being used.
  • Can I see calories burned on the indoor bike?
    If the Stages indoor bike has a Stages Power meter and console, such as the SC3 bike, riders can see calories information displayed on the console. Two relevant metrics are displayed during the ride and in the RESULTS summary at the end of the ride: the kcal and the kJ. The kcal and kJ are similar measurements that represent the energy used during your workout. A kcal is a kilocalorie, or as most of know it, a Calorie, and is the same Calorie measurement commonly seen on food packaging that shows how much energy the food you’re consuming will give you. During your ride, both the instantaneous and the average kcal/hour are displayed on the left and right sides of the screen. These measurements help give you an idea of how many kcals or Calories you will burn if you maintain that pace for an hour.
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