Power Meters Resistant To Cold

Power Meters Resistant To Cold

The Magic of Active Temperature Compensation

The current weather conditions give us tons of snow and cold hands and feet.

Temperature fluctuations 10 to 15 degrees during a ride aren't uncommon, making it even more important to rely on your power meter under extreme conditions.

The Stages Power meter easily compensates for temperature differences.

But what is behind it all and what would happen if this wasn't the case?

Measuring power is easy in a controlled environment. However, reality is somewhat different and weather conditions change constantly for all cyclists.

No matter of which power meter system is used, performance data is usually measured with highly sensitive strain gauges. They are made of metallic elements and are affected by even slight changes in temperature. If this factor is not taken into account for your power readings, your data becomes inconsistent and useless.

The Stages power meter was the first power meter with integrated temperature compensation and the first to actively consider temperature as crucial factor in power readings.

The magic word, therefore, is “Active Temperature Compensation”. Stages firmware automatically adjusts for temperature changes during your ride, so you can trust your data. Both the crank arm and the Stages power meter are put into different temperature zones during production and are calibrated in cold and warm conditions to provide you (no matter what weather and life situation you are in) with exact performance readings.


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