You bought an SB20 Smart Bike, now what?

You bought an SB20 Smart Bike, now what?

Congratulations on your new StagesBike SB20!

The StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike is loaded with amazing features and innovations. We want to make sure your experience is smooth and seamless so you can get riding and enjoy the new reality of indoor cycling. This guide will help you assemble and setup your SB20, and get training in no time.

Before Your First Ride

Check out the Unboxing Video above for assistance with assembly, and before your first ride you'll need to follow instructions to:

  • Update Power Meter firmware

  • Update StagesBike firmware

  • Set StagesBike crank length

Important notice
Warning: Do not plug the bike into AC power until the handlebar stem wiring harness and shifting wires have been FULLY connected.
Perform an additional visual check to confirm that the connector set is FULLY seated, with no gap between the two ends.



Step 1: Download Stages Link App and Pair StagesBike

To pair the StagesBike, first make sure it is plugged into a power source and nearby. Create a Stages Link account or login, new accounts will be prompted to enter their body metrics, then asked if they want to set up a device.

  • Select StagesBike from the account creating process in the Link app, or go to Device Manager > + > Stages Bike

  • The app will check for firmware version and update automatically

  • Create your first virtual setup by selecting the number of front chainrings and the size of each, the number of gears in the cassette, and the cassette layout

Learn more about virtual setups and SB20 Customization.

Stages Link for Android

Stages Link for iOS

Step 3: Crank Length Setting

Crank length is customizable on each crank and must be set prior to riding. To set crank length, open the Link App and select the crank length from the dropdown menu in the main settings menu. Default crank length is 172.5mm. Wait for the app to confirm the power meters are paired.

For accurate power data, use the app to resent crank lengths if other riders opt for different crank lengths.

Step 2: Stages Power Meter Firmware Updates

Connecting to the StagesBike with the Link App will show the current power meter firmware, this firmware must be updated separately from the StagesBike. Tapping each power meter firmware version will initiate an update if one is available. Don't forget to update both the left and the right power meters.

Step 4: Zero Reset

You will need to periodically zero reset the power meters installed on the StagesBike by positioning the crank arms vertically (one pointing up and the other pointing down) and using the Link App to initiate a zero reset. Zero reset values will appear in the Link App after success for review.

Start Riding!

You can ride the StagesBike as a stand alone bike with no additional applications or devices needed, or you can connect devices and applications that use Bluetooth or ANT+ to control resistance.

The StagesBike is compatible with all the most popular apps and devices in all modes. Train with your favorite 3rd party apps, or use your Link app to control the StagesBike.

Control Modes

The StagesBike has five different control modes that give the rider a real bike feel.

  • Simulation Mode

  • ERG Mode

  • Level Mode

  • Manual Mode

  • External Mode

These modes give riders endless options and make the StagesBike a great tool for multiple users in one household. Learn more about control modes here.

Stages Dash Trainer Control

Stages Dash GPS cycling computers can control ERG mode on your StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike. Stages Dash is pre-loaded with a range of free workouts, making StagesBike and Stages Dash a powerful training combo.

Having issues getting started with the StagesBike? Check out StagesBike Support or chat with fellow SB20 users in the StagesBike SB20 Owners Facebook group.


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