New Rhythm Cycling Group Exercise Solution from Stages Cycling

Stages Cycling has added a new rhythm-based experience to its Stages Studio group display software, where riders aim to ride to the beat of the music.

(Boulder, CO – 3 November 2021) StagesⓇ Cycling, a leading cycling technology company, has added a new rhythm-based indoor cycling experience to its Stages Studio group display and data collection software, as well as the tools to dynamically create a custom brand experience in studio.

The Stages Studio Beats experience is intended to engage rhythm-oriented riders in immersive group display while following a workout plan with prescribed cadence. Riders attempt to match their revolutions per minute (RPM) to the beats per minute (BPM) in the music and are awarded a compliance score in their post-workout email, a simple and attainable goal for any rider. The Stages Studio Beats option is perfect for rhythm studios looking to take their classes to the next level of engagement.

“We have seen an explosion of rhythm style cycling programs, following today’s most popular boutique cycling brands,” said Stages CEO Jim Liggett. “We have taken our traditionally power-based group display experience and introduced a new rhythm style experience for the musically-motivated indoor cyclists, introducing them to the power of data but in a form that will motivate them to seek improvement in their own cycling journey. Rhythm indoor cycling is creative and artistic - it brings music together with the creativity and vision of the instructor. Stages Studio takes the rider experience to a higher level.”

Instructors receive an expanded set of tools for their class creation which make building workout plans incredibly simple. Instructors can now import a Spotify playlist to help create their class plan, pulling in song length and BPM. Workout intervals are perfectly matched to each selected song’s time and BPM, allowing creation of a complete class in under ten minutes.

Stages Studio also has a power-based option, where members follow workouts with each prescribed effort a percentage of their Functional Threshold Power (FTP). This new option for Stages Studio removes the need for riders to know their FTP, or to have an understanding of FTP at all. The Beats option is all about the feel of the music, nudging riders to feel the beat and ride to its rhythm, gamifying the cycling class experience. Because each rider gets to choose what resistance level they are riding with the RPM, it’s a very individual experience in a fun, dynamic group setting. There are benefits to both class styles, and Stages Cycling has delivered a solution for clubs and boutique studios to provide real, data-backed value to each rider.


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