Stages Factory Install: The Most Affordable Way to Add Power to Your Bike

Stages Factory Install Service converts your crank into a world-class training tool, adding accurate, reliable power to your existing crank. Factory Install is the easiest and most affordable way to train with power.

What is Stages Factory Install Service?

The Stages Factory Install allows you to convert your current left crank arm or complete crankset into a Stages Gen 3 Power meter. You send your crank arm or crank set to our production facility in Boulder, and our expert technicians turn it into a power meter using the same tools and technology we use on every power meter we make. The only difference is that instead of getting a raw crank arm from the manufacturer, you are sending us the crank arm.

Why choose Stages Factory Install?

Supply chain challenges continue to limit power meter availability. We don’t expect this to drastically improve any time soon, so if the power meter you are searching for is out of stock, then Factory Install is a great option. Stages Factory Install is also one of the least expensive power meter options. Starting at just $324, you can equip all your bikes with power meters and still save some money.


Which crank arms and cranksets are eligible for Factory Install?

Stages Factory Install Service is available for your crank or crankset in the following models: Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, GRX, XTR, XT, and Cannondale Si

Campagnolo and SRAM AXS options are currently unavailable, and more models will be added soon.


How can I find out if my bicycle is compatible with a Stages Factory Install Power meter?

Before you purchase, make sure your bike is compatible with a Stages Power meter. You need to confirm your bike has clearance for a power meter by checking the Stages Factory Install Power Meter Fitment Guide.

Once you’ve checked the frame for clearance, the next step is to confirm compatibility with your existing crank set. Check our list of Factory Install models to find your existing crank. To help find your crank model, check the exterior of the crank for any printed brand and model information. The length of the crank is typically engraved or stamped into the back of each crank arm near the pedal spindle.


Do I have to pay to ship my crank to you?

No, after you purchase your Factory Install Service, we’ll email you a pre-paid shipping label. 


How long does it take?

It takes 2-3 weeks from when the crank arm arrives at our Boulder facility. We know you don’t want your bike to be out of commission for too long, the best way to expedite the process is to send your crank in as soon as you receive your shipping label, and follow the packing instructions below.


How should I package and send my crank arm? 

  1. Remove your crank arm or have a qualified bike shop mechanic assist you. Also remove and keep pedals, pedal washers, Shimano preload caps, and chainrings. Do NOT remove the fixing bolts.
  2. Inspect your crank arm for damage. We cannot install power meters on badly worn or damaged crank arms. If you are uncertain of the condition of your crank arm, please email us a picture.
  3. Box up your crank arm in a box no larger than 14”x 6”x4” or 12”x8”x12” for a complete crankset. Be sure to include the fixing bolts! Print out and apply the provided pre-paid shipping label and drop off at your nearest UPS office.
  4. Ship your crank arm within 3 business days of receiving your shipping label. The sooner you send it, the sooner you get a Power meter back!

What happens when your crank arrives in Boulder?

All Factory Install Power meters, just like all Stages Power meters, are assembled at our Boulder, Colorado facility. Each power meter is individually calibrated and tracked to ensure consistent, reliable power data for years to come. And every Factory Install Power meter is backed by our Stages Factory Warranty. 

Stages Power meters have won five Tour de France’s, National Championships, and Olympic Gold Medals, and are featured in thousands of premiere cycling studios around the world. Our meters are refined. Smart. Downright miniature. Made from the same material as bulletproof glass. Simply put, Stages Power meters employ the most advanced technology in the power meter category, all while being accurate, reliable and the simplest to maintain and use. We can get pretty geeky about this stuff, if you want to learn more check out the Science of Stages Power.


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