Stages SC2 Indoor Bike

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Designed for the world’s most popular cycling classes, the SC2 is the bike for anyone that wants to take advantage of the smoothest ride while easily enabling HIIT workouts. The latest handlebar design caters to every hand position comfortably, and the next generation SprintShift makes switching between intervals quick and easy. Its premium features and low maintenance make SC2 the perfect solution for the most engaged riders. 

Stages SC2 Indoor Bike
Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike Stages SC2 Indoor Bike


The latest handlebar design caters to every rhythm hand position comfortably, and the next generation SprintShift makes switching between intervals quick and easy. Its premium features and low maintenance make SC2 the perfect solution for the most exceptional rhythm riders.

Stages SB20 in homeStages SB20 in home
We’ve partnered with Stages Cycling to take your ride to epic new heights with a state-of-the-art bike that delivers improved performance and functionality for the ultimate workout.
Stages SB20 ready to rideStages SB20 ready to ride


Choose to add Stages Power meters to any SC2 bike to add data to the ride experience. Riders can pair their own device to record their workout, or consider Stages Studio Lite to deliver your unique class experience, supplimented with incredibly powerful data behind the scenes that will motivate and retain your members.



  • The display runs on power generated by the rider and no console batteries are needed
  • Generator located at the flywheel hub​
  • Wired connection is hidden in the handlebar stem, with easy access for maintenance
  • Always-on backlight allows rider to see data in all types of room lighting and eliminates button-pushing during the ride
  • Useful for comparing efforts, the rider sees stage, current, and average data, which is very powerful info for training efficiently and effectively
  • ​The STAGE button allows for up to 99 sections of time (laps). Data does not start to record or average during WARMUP stage (so total ride data is not skewed with poor warmup data)
Stages SB20 training indoorsStages SB20 training indoors
Stages SB20 with favorite cycling appsStages SB20 with favorite cycling apps


  • Transfers data for tracking, linking with Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible iOS and Android app
  • Rider sees Max, Average and Ride totals for the following metrics:
  • Kilojoules (work), Kcal (calories), Watts, RPM, Speed, Heart Rate (if wearing a strap), Time, Distance, and power zones defined by rider FTP
The quality of the product is exceptional and Stages Cycling's understanding of the importance of data is a critical feature that enhances the customer experience.
Stages Cycling continued its growth in cycling with the introduction of the SC series of commercial indoor cycling bikes in 2015, and has not stopped innovating since. Stages is now the largest power meter manufacturer in the world, with both indoor and outdoor meters. The world’s most prestigious indoor studios, as well as the world’s best outdoor athletes and teams, choose Stages Cycling.
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Enables instantaneous macro-level resistance changes without incessantly turning a dial.

Unique three-stage lever and custom workload settings allow indoor cyclists instant control.

Perfect for HIIT and interval based workouts, the cyclist can add or drop resistance quickly and easily, without sacrificing custom micro-adjustments.



By combining road bike geometry with our RhythmBar™ handlebar, StagesFit puts you in a safe, comfortable position for whatever the day’s ride requires. Simple to use, the fore/aft adjustments are on the saddle and handlebars.


Magnetic Resistance & Carbon Glyde

  • Backed by Stages’ unparalleled 10-year warranty
  • Combined with a 5:1 gear ratio and perimeter-weighted flywheel, the SC drive system supplies a sublime feeling of inertia for that real outdoor experience
  • No lubrication, maintenance, or replacement costs of a chain or poly-v drive

Control Modes on Stages SB20


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SKU 971-0016
Condition New
Manufacturer Stages Cycling
Weight 96 lbs (43 kg)
Dimensions (L×W×H mm) 24.5” W x 43.5” L (62.23cm W x 110.49cm L)
Drive System CarbonGlyde featuring Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belt
Frame Material 6061T-6 aluminum alloy, advanced hydro & air formed tubing, TIG weld
Flywheel Type Fixed
Flywheel Weight High-inertia, cast iron perimeter weighted
Power Ability to add Stages Power meter
Q-Factor 158mm
User Height Range 4’10” (147cm) to 6’10” (208cm)
Maximum User Weight 350 lbs (158 kg)
Number of Bottle Cages 2
Return Policy Stages Cycling is happy to accept returns within 14 days of the original date of receipt. Items must be in new condition, purchased directly from Stages Cycling*, and in the original packaging.

Bike Returns: Because of the size and weight of the bike, all return service is subject to a $250 restocking fee unless otherwise specified by Stages. No returns/refunds of product, once opened, shall be offered except in the case of manufacturer’s defect.
If you have any questions regarding a return or need help ordering the correct product please contact us at [email protected]

*For items purchased from an Authorized Stages Dealer please contact the dealer regarding their return policy.
Frame Warranty 15 years
Drivetrain Warranty 10 years on Carbon Belt
Bike Component Warranty 3 years


The SC2 has become the bike of choice for the worlds top rhythm based indoor cycling studios. The SC2 comes standard with rhythm style handlebars for a sturdy ride during all types of choreography. The SprintShift enables quick resistance adjustments for HIIT style training.

Can I add a Stages Power meter and/or console to the SC2?

Yes! You can add a Stages Power meter and the Stages SIC1 Console. Please note this is a different version of the console that comes standard on the newest SC3.

What other accessories can I add to the SC2?

SC2 customers often choose dumbbell holders, tablet holder and the Stages Power meter. Check out other Stages Cycling accessories here and ask your rep when you click the quote button.

What size riders can use the Stages SC2 bike?

The StagesFit system on the Stages Cycling indoor bikes can accommodate a large range of heights, from approximately 4'10" to 6'10". Using the pop-pin height adjustments and fore/aft adjustments, the bikes are quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate a range of riders. The maximum user weight is 350lbs.

What fitness metrics can be tracked if I chose to add the Stages Power meter?

The Stages Power meter reads the rider's actual power through a sensor attached to the crank arm. Unlike other bikes that include estimated or calculated values, we rely on a direct sensor to measure the rider's pedaling force (for accuracy within +/- 1.5%). 

From this sensor, we broadcast power and cadence to be collected by the Stages SIC1 console or the rider's own personal device (via Bluetooth or ANT+ wireless technology) so they can accurately record a workout and track progress.

Adding Stages Power meters also enables an indoor cycling studio to add Stages Studio data collection and group display for an engaging group excercise experience. 

What metrics are displayed on the optional SIC1 console?

The Stages console displays the following metrics: power, cadence, speed, heart rate, distance, calories.

How loud are the Stages SC2 bikes?

All three models of the Stages Indoor Cycling bike models feature Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belts. These belts are significantly quieter than traditional chain driven bikes, especially when in a classroom setting, where they are similar to a low conversational volume while being ridden at all speeds. Under normal use, a single bike puts out around 50-55 dB, which is can be compared to the noise level of rainfall or quiet conversation, but is slightly quieter than normal conversation volume.

Do the power meter or console require batteries?

The optional SIC1 console available on the SC2 and SC1 bike models requires three (3) "C" cell batteries. The Stages Power meter for indoor bikes requires 2 standard "AA" batteries with a projected battery life of over 2000 riding hours.

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