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Les Mills Announces Stages Indoor Cycling as Global Bike Partner

Les Mills announced a global partnership with Stages® Indoor Cycling, whose bikes have been chosen as the preferred bikes for Les Mills cycle classes. Les Mills Sprint™, RPM™, and world-first immersive fitness class THE TRIP™ are hosted in thousands of clubs around the world.

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Stages Indoor Cycling Announces Stages Solo Bike

Stages Indoor Cycling is pleased to announce the launch of Stages Solo, an indoor bike designed to share the depth of the Stages Flight group cycling experience on an individual basis.

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Stages Powers Team Sky in 2017

Stages Powers Team Sky in 2017

For the 4th season, Team SKY selects Stages Cycling for its most important performance need—power data collection.

Stages Cycling will continue to supply Stages Power meters to Team Sky for the 2017 season, handling the team’s most important performance need during the 2017 season—precision power measurement.

Team Sky will ride the new Stages Power Dura-Ace 9100 production model as well as the previous Shimano 9000 models and exclusive prototypes, as the team and company continue a relationship that defines the leading edge of data driven performance.

 Team Sky Rides Stages Dura-Ace 9100field_573492c8baf6e“We took a chance on Stages Cycling four years ago,” said Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Performance for Team Sky. “We proved their product meets our needs and they offered us really great support. Even in the worst conditions the Stages meter was reliable, consistent, and accurate. We couldn’t ask for more as we head into the 2017 season.”

“We take the role of supplying product to Team Sky, and all of our world class athletes, very seriously,” said Pat Warner, Stages Cycling’s Senior Vice President. “We see year four with Team Sky as impactful to our brand as the first, especially when considering that the industry’s largest component manufacturers have their own meters and are known for pushing new products through all-inclusive packages that dissuade teams from partnering with smaller brands like Stages. Signing Team Sky for a fourth year is continued validation that we’re meeting their needs fully and that they want to use the Stages Power meter.”


9100 On bike 0012

"We are excited to continue our relationship with Stages for a fourth year,” said Tim Kerrison, Head of Athlete Performance for Team Sky. “Stages has proven to be a great partner, with a great power meter that meets the needs of cyclists at all levels—from the amateur enthusiast who wishes to use power data to better inform and refine their training, to catering for the demands at the highest level of professional road cycling."

Team Sky, known for its lead-versus-follow mentality and technically-driven approach, counts the Stages Power meter’s robust communication channels, and its now-proven prowess as the category’s benchmark for consistency across rapidly changing environmental temperatures, as key features.

Power vs Rhythm Cycling: How to Blend Two Styles

In Part One of Power Vs. Rhythm, we outlined the benefits of teaching each style in indoor cycling classes. Now we'll cover best practices for creating meaningful, blended rides in indoor cycling class designs.

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Power vs Rhythm Cycling: The Debate is on!

With the rise of power meters being used indoors, our indoor cycling world seems to have become hyper-divided between power-purist studios and rhythm-based studios.

In the interest of filling classes however, we think it is important to explain how and why both [Power and Rhythm] are important and how to find a happy medium to blend them.

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Stages Cycling Announces Acquisition of VismoX Group Cycling Platform

WIth the acquisition of the VismoX platform, Stages now provides cycling studios and clubs with the most advanced tools for accelerating class quality, variety and consistency.

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