Power Leads the Way

Stages Power Meters Lead the Way

July 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of Stages Power, and we are celebrating! Our journey began with a brilliant idea and a team of five risk-taking cycling enthusiasts. Fueled by determination and a relentless drive toward innovation, our company has grown to become the global leader in power meter production. A lot has happened over the past decade, and we are proud to say that power has led every step of the way. 


This is a huge milestone for our company, and a credit to the hard work, passion, and dedication of Stages team members. The creation of Stages Power represents the spirit of innovation and creativity that exists in our company and our amazing employees. The Stages Power meter that launched 10 years ago defined us as a business and sparked other new products and initiatives. At Stages, Power leads the way, and we’re proud that Stages Power has helped millions of athletes and cyclists worldwide accomplish their goals.
Jim Liggett, Stages CEO and Founder

The Evolution of Power

Power is knowledge at Stages and power meters inform and dictate the new technology we create. Power meters are behind-the-scenes machines that collect valuable data and analytics, but power metrics are useless unless a rider can see and understand their data. So Stages has branched into other categories with Stages Dash GPS cycling computers, Stages SB20 Smart Bikes, and supporting software with the Stages Cycling App to help riders put their workout data to good use. Each new product has been designed with power and cyclists top of mind.

Stages Dash GPS Cycling Computers

Dash 200 Built for Performance. 

Stages Dash 200 makes every ride better for every cyclist. It can tell you where you are when you get lost, how hard you are working, and even where the closest bathroom is! Dash was engineered with a bright, high-resolution screen to quickly and clearly communicate power output and ride data. A simple glance at Dash’s color wheel indicates power training zones, while live data graphing illustrates power, heart rate, cadence, speed, or elevation in real-time. Automatic profiles make Dash the easiest computer to use with every bike, and the Stages Cycling app makes it the most customizable computer on the market with up to 12 data fields on each screen. You simply won’t want to ride without Dash.

Stages SB20 Smart Bikes

The Ultimate Indoor Experience With Real Bike Feel. 

Stages SB20  provides the smoothest, most realistic, and most immersive experience available in indoor cycling. By its very nature, the SB20 is intended to completely replace (and replicate) a bike that’s normally attached to a trainer. It’s designed from the ground up with infinite adjustability, electronically controlled resistance, shifters that feel like real shifters, and all of the other components you’d expect to find on an outdoor bike, including power! Every SB20 comes equipped with a Stages Gen 3 dual-sided power meter that delivers +/- 1.5% precision power measurement. You can train at home with the same power meter the pros swear by with Stages SB20.

SB20 also pairs perfectly with third-party riding apps like Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, and Peloton to make riding indoors more like playing a video game. The added social aspect of meeting a virtual group of friends and giving “Ride Ons” and earning PowerUps add an element of fun to riding indoors that never existed before. 


Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling That Takes You Places.

The addition of  Stages Power meters  to  indoor bikes forever changed the landscape of indoor cycling. It not only shaped the type of new technology that would be found in indoor studios (like real-time group display, behind-the-scenes data collection, and post-workout emails), but it also sparked new experiences for three distinct groups: business owners, members/riders, and instructors.

Business Owners

Club owners and studio managers are tasked with many things, two of the most essential being: 1. finding ways to differentiate themselves from other clubs and, 2. creating member experiences that keep them coming back for more. Stages combines the accuracy of Stages Power with the software solution of  Stages Studio. This groundbreaking combination helps businesses grow their cycling program through the addition of group data tracking and group display, improve retention rates, and create an experience that fosters a long-lasting relationship with members.


We were able to integrate our programming, training, and booking systems into Stages Studio and white label the entire system as our own too. This enables us to focus our energy on creating quality instructors, amazing content, and a fabulous experience while Stages Power meters and Stages Studio provide the data and technology we need. This not only sets us apart in the industry but also provides our members with premium services. It’s a great partnership.
Marie Graham, David Lloyd Clubs



Stages Studio Key Features:

  • Data collection and member accounts, hosted by Stages Cloud
  • Seamless integration with most booking systems
  • Multi-modal class types available (heart rate, power, or rhythm)
  • Branded post-workout emails with analytics of your choice
  • Rider compliance scores with no additional instructor work
  • Configurable post-class leaderboard 



Power adds a new dimension to group cycling classes and gives riders more control over their workouts. Athletes no longer have to choose between a high-energy rhythm or a purely power-based class. Power meters allow riders to step into a synthesized group experience that makes power fun and rhythm measurable. This both/and scenario enables the group and the individual to thrive. The metrics enable individual riders to chase down their personal goals while simultaneously teaming up with the group for class challenges and rider competitions.


At Stages, we strive to provide coaches and instructors with the tools they need to deliver unbeatable classes. To accomplish this, we offer three areas of power-driven support:

  • Stages Studio: Stages Studio’s Instructor Remote Control program eliminates hours of at-home planning and serves as a reference/guide for instructors to build their plans. Instructors can choose to create their ideal class experience in one of two ways, Plan Maker and Color Mode. Plan Maker allows instructors to design interval workouts using power-based training zones and time. Color Mode allows instructors to perfectly music-map classes or easily build engaging experiences on the fly. Instructors can access the Remote Control program from any device and any location so they can build and practice classes at their convenience. Stages Studio offers in-class support and makes teaching with power less intimidating as well. Instructors can choose the type of metrics that are displayed in the rider gauges for the class entirety, or they can switch it up mid-class. They can also add compliance scores, caloric expenditure, distance goals, leaderboards, and challenges to enhance member experience and build community.
  • Stages Studio Boost: It’s not always desirable or possible to analyze workout data during a class. Stages Studio Boost bridges this gap by capturing real-time data in the background of indoor cycling classes and by generating personalized post-workout emails that provide a summary of effort, complete with a graph and analytics. Boost requires no extra effort on the part of instructors or clubs/studios owners. Instructors can simply create and implement their classes as they always have, without having to worry about quantifying or explaining metrics, Boost does it for them.
  • Stages Cycling University: Created by and for cycling instructors,  Stages Cycling University (SCU) offers a wide range of certifications and workshops to help instructors level up their skills. All courses are accredited by the American Council on Education (ACE), and SCU offers flexible certification options for individual instructors seeking certification and for studio teams pursuing continuing education. Online, virtual, and live certification courses are available.

New Products

More Options for More Cyclists. 

Stages has continued to innovate and launch new products in its power meter line, including new options for Shimano’s R9200 and R8100 Cranksets. 

In December, Stages began offering Factory Installed Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 power meters as single-sided, non-drive side  Stages L units only, which is the same technology ridden to countless professional wins including Tadej Pogacar’s 2020 Tour de France victory. The drive-side Stages R crank arms and dual-sided Stages LR cranksets  for Shimano’s 12-speed groups feature a new power meter design that will be available to purchase in Fall 2022.

Like all Stages Power meters, the new Dura-Ace and Ultegra units are built and individually calibrated in Boulder, Colorado to the same exacting standards of performance, accuracy, and reliability as the rest of their product line.


We’re excited to offer a dual-sided Stages Power meter on the latest Shimano crankset. Our top priority is providing cutting edge technology to help cyclists achieve their goals. These new models add to the many tools Stages has to offer.
Pat Warner, Senior Vice President of Product Development




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