Stages Cycling Launches Data Solution for Rhythm-Style Indoor Cycling Classes

Stages Studio Boost: Behind-the-scenes data collection for an immersive class experience with a boost of validation.

(Boulder, CO – 24, May 2022)  Stages Cycling is proud to announce the launch of Stages Studio Boost, a new software solution that supports clubs/studios, instructors, and members through behind-the-scenes data collection and post-workout emails.

Fitness tracking may be the number one fitness trend in the US, but it’s not always desirable or possible to analyze data during a class. Stages Studio Boost bridges this gap by, 1: capturing real-time data in the background of indoor cycling classes and, 2: generating personalized post-workout emails that provide a summary of effort, complete with a graph and analytics. 

Club/Studio owners can customize Boost’s after-class emails with their own logo and colors to ensure that a member’s brand experience remains the same from start to finish. Studios can also select the type of metrics that are shared in the post-workout email. Metrics like calories burned, heart rate average, power data, or beats matching scores validate real and measured improvement that keeps any rider coming back for more. And Boost makes booking easy. Members are encouraged to book their next class and share their workout details with friends at the bottom of each post-workout email.  

Stages Studio Boost requires no extra effort from instructors or clubs/studios owners. Instructors create and implement their classes as they always have, without having to worry about quantifying or explaining metrics (Boost does it for them). Club/Studio owners can stay focused on instructor talent and member experience while leaving the software and data support to Stages Studio Boost. All data and member accounts are hosted on Stages Cloud, so no extra bandwidth is required. 


We were looking for something that would set us apart from other clubs in the area and elevate our services to more of a premium experience. The software we selected needed to integrate well with our booking system and programming, deliver a seamless member experience, and had to serve our business and instructors well. Stages Studio met all our needs, and we are in the process of scaling it to all 120 of our club sites! 
Marie Graham, David Lloyd Clubs

Stages Studio Boost Key Features:

  • Data collection and member accounts, hosted by Stages Cloud
  • Seamless integration with most booking systems
  • Multi-modal class types available (heart rate, power, or rhythm)
  • Branded post-workout emails with analytics of your choice
  • Rider compliance scores with no additional instructor work
  • Configurable post-class leaderboard 
  • No down payment


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