New Climb feature for Stages Dash 200

Stages Dash new Climb feature puts all climbing metrics on one screen at a glance

Get ready to climb to new heights with more data at your fingertips with this new Stages Dash feature: Climb. 

Climb is available now when you upgrade your Stages Dash firmware to version 3.3. To use this new feature all you need to do is load a course onto your Dash that includes at least one climb, and start riding.

As you approach a climb on the course, a pop-up will appear on your Dash screen with the details of the upcoming climb.

On this preview you’ll see:

  • Distance until the start of the climb
  • Total vertical gain on the climb
  • Total distance on the climb

You can dismiss this preview if you don’t want to go to the Climb screen, but if you select “Go to Climb” you’ll first see a chart of all the climbs on your ride. As you approach the climb, your screen will automatically switch to an elevation profile with additional climbing metrics in the top left corner. Take a look at all the info on this screen!

The top left hand box on the Climb screen includes: 

The bottom of the Climb screen displays: 

  • Distance remaining until the end of the current climb
  • Vertical gain remaining until the end of the current climb
  • The colorful boxes at the bottom of the screen indicate the gradient of that 150 meters and correspond to the climb profile.

At the end of the climb you’ll see the list of climbs again with a checkmark next to the completed climb. At any time you can go back to the screen with your list of climbs, select a climb and see information about an upcoming climb or review stats from completed climbs. 

Many cyclists have a love/hate relationship with climbing, but with all this data available on your Dash, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the next climb knowing you can pace it just right.


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