Erin has made significant gains within the North American and International race scene to become a top US racer; a 2016 and 2020 Olympic Long List team member, 4 time National Champion, and a regular UCI podium threat.

DISCIPLINE: Mountain Bike XC

BASE: Boulder, Colorado


Erin Huck rides the Dura-Ace XTR, Dash, and SB20 SmartBike.

MORE ABOUT ERIN'S DASH: I love the 'power wheel' which is an easy graphic display of which zone I'm in...especially when I'm a bit cross-eyed from going hard I don't have to focus on numbers so much as a color.

ERIN'S DASH DISPLAY: I have my profiles set up to display an overall ride data page with ride time, hrt rate, power, time of day, and distance; a 'power' page with the wheel, interval time, and heart rate; the interval summary page; and a bonus info page with elevation gained, ave heart rate, kjs burned, and adjusted ave power.


Favorite Stages Moment
I rely heavily on power data to help me set and meet my training goals-enabling me to purposefully target specific power zones and therefore maximize each training session. Ultimately I use power data for everything from ensuring sufficient fueling during rides, quantifying training 'effort', measuring performance against historical data, pacing and familiarizing myself with RPE versus power, alerting me to any left/right imbalances, and enabling me to set realistic goals for races or even just QOM attempts.


WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE POWER WORKOUT? My favorite workout depends on my mood! Typically I enjoy a tempo/threshold workout with surges thrown in...something like 4x15min with 4 min tempo, 1min high threshold repeated. These workouts sneak up on you as the threshold work sinks into your legs, but the changing pace keeps it interesting and you're not just slogging out a steady 15min effort. 

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE CROSS TRAINING WORKOUT? Right now it's carrying a baby around and spending more time than I'd like trying to bounce him to sleep!

WHAT'S ONE PRODUCT YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? Truthfully probably my Stages power meter and Dash. I'm an engineer. Data is life.

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