Pat Warner breaks UCI Masters Hour World Record

Pat Warner Breaking UCI Master Hour World Record

(Boulder, CO – 29 June, 2022) Stages Cycling is proud to announce that Pat Warner, Stages Cycling Senior Vice President, beat the UCI Masters Hour Record on June 22 covering a distance of 51.013km in 60 minutes on the track of the Bicentennial Velodrome in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

This world record performance sees the American rider break the men’s age 50-54 record of 49.392km previously established by Norman Alvis on October 6, 2017 in Colorado Springs Colorado.

After the attempt Warner declared, “I went out hot but I only get to be here once. I’ve only been on a track once in three and a half years and I’ll take a world record all day long.” 

After a fast start, Warner slowed down a bit at the 30 minute mark. “I definitely went into salvage mode, I figured go big or go home,” Warner said. “Once I knew the wheels were off I went to salvage what I could and knew what pace I was on and adjusted the goal to get to 51 because it is still 1.7km faster than anyone has done before.”

The 53-year-old set a goal three years ago to go 50km at age 50, but his attempt was delayed by the pandemic. Warner’s coach, Benjamin Sharp said of the effort and preparation, “This has been on Pat's mind for about three years. Of course, the attempt was delayed by the pandemic but the extra time allowed us to prepare as well as possible,” Sharp said. “Once we were committed to an attempt date, Pat didn't miss a beat. Nothing is really ever perfect but I would say Pat came into the June attempt as close to as perfectly prepared as someone balancing work, family, and training can hope to.” 

Warner’s distance of 51.013km is the 3rd best American distance regardless of age group, and the 19th best from any age group in the world with the unified bike rules. Warner is the first masters athlete over 50 years old to go over 50km, and missed Jens Voigt’s record by 100 meters.

Pat Warner is the Senior Vice President of Product Development for Stages Cycling, an 18-time Master’s National Champion and 4-time World Champion. Warner trained for the hour record with Stages Dash, Stages Power, and the Stages SB20 Smart Bike.  Warner concluded, “ I can’t leave here without asking the question of what if, so I just might have to come back.”


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