Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer

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Real bike feel. Real bike fit. Responsive, wide-range electronic resistance and a 50 lb free-spinning flywheel for an incredibly realistic feel when climbing, accelerating and coasting. Precision dual-sided power meter. User-configurable electronic shifting with sprint buttons. Smooth, silent Gates belt drive. Compatible with your favorite training and simulation apps and built on a decade of commercial studio bike experience by the indoor cycling experts at Stages.

Stages SB20 Smart Bike left side
360 Stages SB20 Smart Bike left side Stages SB20 smart bike left side axo Stages SB20 smart bike right side axo Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer Why upgrade to a smart bike?

Ultimate Smoothness For Increased Performance

Performance, simplified. 

The simplicity of clipping in, connecting with technology, and riding with your perfect setup makes the SB20 your dream bike. Its incredible stability, super realistic feel and engineering mastery give you an ultra-reliable platform to achieve all your fitness goals.

Stages SB20 in homeStages SB20 in home
Stages SB20 real world gearingStages SB20 real world gearing
Real World Gearing

Shimano or Campagnolo electronic and manual shifting to match your real world cycling. Configured with the Stages Link app.

Stages SB20 custom gearingStages SB20 custom gearing
Custom Gearing

Select from a traditional 53/39t and 11-28t road setup to a 1×12 modern MTB setup, with lots of options in between.

Stages SB20 resistance feelStages SB20 resistance feel
Resistance Feel

Smooth, silent electronic resistance provides up to 2,200 watts of stunningly realistic road feel.

Stages SB20 Dream DriveStages SB20 Dream Drive
Dream Drive

Dream Drive provides a sequential virtual drivetrain with up to 50 gears, up to a 55-11t high gear and a 1:2 low gear.

Stages SB20 ready to rideStages SB20 ready to ride


The smooth, silent and ultra-stiff SB20 Smart Bike outperforms any bike and wheel-off smart trainer combination. Say goodbye to drivetrain wear, noise, and messing with greasy drivetrains.

The SB20 ready to go whenever you are, and can be shared with other riders in your household. Simply put, if you're serious about indoor cycling, you need an SB20.

The crew behind Stages was building indoor bikes for national chains long before they launched Stages as a power-meter company, and that experience shows in this bike. It's rock-solid, easy to use, easy to adjust, and fits a wide range of riders... the ride feel is excellent, thanks to the 50lb flywheel.

World Class Stages Power

7 Grand Tours, 25 World Championships, 50 National Championships from the power meter that changed the cycling industry.

Always train with an accurate and reliable power meter. A Stages Gen 3 dual-sided power meter delivers +/- 1.5% precision power measurement. Train at home with the same meter the pros swear by. Multiple Tour de France victories can’t be wrong.

Stages SB20 power meterStages SB20 power meter
The SB20 is an amazing machine to ride. What marks the riding experience is more the stability, smoothness, and the shifting... It really is an amazing experience.
Stages SB20 with favorite cycling appsStages SB20 with favorite cycling apps

Connect to Your Favorite Apps

The ANT+ and Bluetooth connected SB20 is optimized for the most popular indoor cycling platforms.

Over 10 years of delivering cycling data to the world’s top teams gives us an edge to deliver the most robust connection to maximize your uninterrupted training enjoyment. Select your desired platform and the Stages Link app allows you to select the optimal gearing and controls to get the best out of your experience on the fly.

The Stages SB20 is a fantastic smart trainer. I cannot fault their customer service, who were friendly and very responsive. I’ve now owned this bike for 6 months and it’s been awesome... this thing is built like a tank and feels very stable both when riding normally and sprinting.

Tools for a Real Bike Fit on SB20

Stages SB20 saddle positionStages SB20 saddle position
Saddle Position

Saddle fore/aft and height can accommodate riders from 4’-10” to 6’-10” in seconds. Every adjustment is secure and free of creaking or slipping.

Stages SB20 crank lengthStages SB20 crank length
Crank Length

With four pedal positions you can easily adjust the SB20 for 165, 170, 172.5 or 175mm crank lengths in seconds. Custom Allen wrench included.

Stages SB20 reach and stackStages SB20 reach and stack
Reach and Stack

 Quick-turn dials and levers allow you to adjust your stem length and height to nail your perfect handlebar position.

Stages SB20 handlebarsStages SB20 handlebars
Bar Options

You can swap the standard road bar with your own preferred shape including MTB bars and aero bars.

Stages SB20 real bike feelStages SB20 real bike feel

Real Bike Feel

The SB20 has the most realistic feeling of riding an outdoor bike indoors.

Customize and tune your exact virtual setup. The 50lb flywheel is what really makes the SB20 stand out. It is the only bike that can deliver the realistic inertia of outdoor riding making climbing, acceleration and coasting feel spot on.

Best In Class Control Modes

SIM, Workout, ERG and Manual modes enhance every ride experience.

The SB20 is packed with the most important control modes to offer a variety of riding experiences when using 3rd party apps or with the Stages Link app.

Stages SB20 control modesStages SB20 control modes
UPC or EAN Barcode 819438019535
Condition New
Manufacturer Stages Cycling
Weight 138 lbs / 62.5 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H mm) 58 in Length x 22.2 in Width x 46.7 in Height / 148 cm x 56 cm x 124 cm
Drive System CarbonGlyde featuring Gates® Carbon Drive™ carbon fiber belt
Frame Material High-strength Steel
Flywheel Type Freewheel
Flywheel Weight 50 lbs / 22.6 kg
Connectivity ANT+ and Bluetooth
Power Stages Power LR (dual-sided power meter)
Power Accuracy + / - 1.5%
Maximum Power 2200 Watts at 130 rpm
Maximum Virtual Gradient 25%
Crank Positions 165 mm, 170 mm, 172.5 mm or 175 mm
Q-Factor 157 mm
User Height Range 4' 10" in to 6' 10" in / 1.47 m to 2.08 m
Maximum User Weight 300 lbs / 136 kg
Number of Bottle Cages 2
Number of USB Ports 2
Return Policy Stages Cycling is happy to accept returns within 14 days of the original date of receipt. Items must be in new condition, purchased directly from Stages Cycling*, and in the original packaging.

SB20 Returns: Because of the size and weight of the bike, all return service is subject to a $250 restocking fee unless otherwise specified by Stages. No returns/refunds of product, once opened, shall be offered except in the case of manufacturer’s defect.
If you have any questions regarding a return or need help ordering the correct product please contact us at [email protected]

*For items purchased from an Authorized Stages Dealer please contact the dealer regarding their return policy.
Frame Warranty 10 Years - Covers manufacturing defects, not corrosion
Drivetrain Warranty 10 Years - Carbon belt only
Power Meter Warranty 1 Year
Bike Component Warranty 1 Year

What size riders will fit on the SB20?

The SB20 is designed to fit riders from 4'10 to 6'10. To accommodate this range, the bike features 4 crank length options and a large range of adjustability for saddle and handlebar position. 


The bike has a weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg) due to the infinitely adjustable seat height, which can slip when used under heavier loads. For safety, we cannot recommend the bike be ridden by anyone over 300 lbs. 


If you have existing bike fit details handy, you can also consult the Fit guidelines in our User Guide to see the range of seat height, handlebar stack, and handlebar reach.

How do I adjust the resistance or change gears?

The Stages Bike features shift buttons located on the inside of both brake levers, as well as a secondary set of shift buttons in the drops of the handlebars. The two buttons by default will operate similar to a road bike, with the buttons on the left side working as larger shifts (big to little chainring) and the shifters on the right performing smaller gear changes. 


SB20 Gear Controls

Can I use my own saddle?

The Stages Bike accepts standard, dual railed bicycle saddles of nearly all types. You can easily remove the stock saddle and install your own to enhance the comfort of the bike. For details on how to change the saddle, see the user guide

Note that only metal, round-railed saddles should be installed onto the bike, as the shape of carbon railed saddles requires a special clamp. 

Does the Stages Bike come pre-assembled?

The Stages Bike ships to you partially assembled and will be delivered curbside. The assembly process takes around 30 minutes including unboxing/removing packaging and all the tools are included (with the exception of a box knife that will be needed to open the package). The boxed bike weighs 160 lbs, and having two people to lift is recommended.

Can I change the handlebars?

The Stages Bike uses standard 31.8 clamp road handlebars. By using existing handlebar designs, all of the controls for the bike are removable and able to be installed on another set of handlebars. So long as the handlebars use a 31.8 clamp, you can use them on the bike. Aerobar extensions can also be added to the handlebars.

Does the SB20 make noise?

The Stages Bike uses an enclosed belt-drive system, which produces almost no noise. Expect around 50-55 dB of ambient noise while you are riding the bike. 

What size tablets can be mounted to the bike?

The tablet holder can fit up to a max tablet size of 12 × 8.68 × 0.27 in (305.7 × 220.6 × 6.9 mm). The tablet holder can also be used as a phone mount (in either landscape or portrait mode) or you can use the phone tray holder on top of the stem.

tablet mount tablet mount large tablet

Can I match my road or other bike fit to the Stages Bike?

The StagesBike SB20 is designed to be easily configured for nearly every rider. With a large range for saddle and bar height, fore/aft adjustments, and infinite settings within those ranges, the Stages Bike can be dialed in exactly to your specifications. 

In addition to fit adjustments, the bike uses standard saddle and handlebar (31.8mm) mounts, allowing you to add your preferred saddle and handlebar onto the bike. These features, combined with the 4 crank length choices and your own pedals installed, allow you to replicate your existing bike to optimize your indoor training. 

See the Fit Guidelines section of the user guide for exact ranges for saddle and handlebar height and fore/aft. 

Does the SB20 come with any pedals?

The SB20 does not come standard with pedals. You can add your choice of pedals just like you would on an outdoor bike.

When will I get my SB20 Smart Bike?

Orders typically ship from stocking warehouse within two business days. Depending on distance from warehouse, transit time is typically 3-7 business days (mainland USA only).

Does the SB20 have a fixed gear drive train like the SC series bikes at my club?

No, the SB20 has a free wheel to replicate the feel of riding outside. Having a free wheel means the flywheel is free to spin even if the pedals are stopped. The Stages SC bikes have fixed gear so that riders can pedal more smoothly in all situations, using the momentum to help propel the pedals.

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