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Stages Link: The Ultimate Platform for Managing Every Stages Device

Stages Link is more than a training platform. Configure, manage & maintain your Stages Dash or Stages Power Meter. Every device comes with free access to Stages Link.

Every Stages customer can use Link for free to configure and manage their Stages device.

Follow the quick start guides below to get set up.


You can also purchase optional premium services within Link to create and track your training. Every Stages customer can try those premium services for free, for 60 days.

Step 1: Create your free Link account.

Step 2: Download the Dash companion apps:

Step 3: Log in and register your Stages Power meter or Dash by simply connecting it to your account. Once registered, Link will be your go to source for managing your devices.



What you can do with Stages Dash on Stages Link

Automated File Management: Connect your Dash to other platforms and automatically push ride files to other services like Training Peaks and Strava.


Activity Profile Management: Use Link to manage and adjust your activity profiles on Dash. Learn more about Activity Profile Management, here.


Paired Sensor Management: Link will keep a record of your paired sensors for Dash and your Power Meters. You can even pair certain sensors to different activity profiles. Learn more, here.


Once you register your Stages Dash on Stages Link, you’ll be kept up-to-date on firmware updates, and have an active profile for support. 


Explore our complete list of tutorials to get the most out of your Stages Link + Stages Dash experience.


Watch the video to the left to learn how to transfer a workout from Stages Link to your Stages Dash headunit.


Or check out our other How To Videos:

Using Link to manage you Stages Power Meter

Stages Link is the hub to manage your Stages Power Meter. By simply uploading a ride file to your Stages Link profile (from any device), your Stages Power meter will be registered in our system.

Step 1: Create your free Link account

Step 2: Complete 1 upload of a ride file.

Stages Link automatically tracks:

  • Zero Offset values to flag an inconsistencies.
  • Firmware updates
  • Battery Life

In your Stages Link preferences you can opt-in or out of e-mail notifications that will alert you to low battery life and firmware updates for your Stages Power meter.

Get started by watching our tutorials, and training videos below. These simple how-to and training videos will help you get the most out of Stages Power & Stages Link.



Stages Link comes with a 60-day free trial to premium features. This includes world class training plans written by former Olympic coach and Stages Power Education Specialist Benjamin Sharp.