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As good as the Dash is by itself, the new Stages LINK app takes the experience to the next level.

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Use the LINK app to setup and configure your new Dash unit right out of the box (you can also set Dash up on the unit itself). Connect your LINK account to third party apps and hit the road….your ride file will upload to the LINK app upon opening (and onward to other sites if you prefer) for tracking and analysis.

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Using the Stages LINK mobile app you can now customize screens and features on your Dash and sync it immediately.

(Available 12/3/19)

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Your activity feed tracks every ride you upload. See your route in detail and key ride stats along with a relative difficulty rating and an ongoing form/fitness/fatigue tracker. See how much time you spent in your zones, and check the ‘Efforts’ tab to see your power curve comparing that day’s ride to your best-ever power numbers. Getting stronger? You’ll see it here.


The LINK app contains your rides and workouts—both completed and planned—so you can review at a glance. How much work did you do last week? What’s tomorrow’s interval session look like? It’s all there along with an overview of your cumulative distance, ride time and T-Score stats for the month.

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Review your performance, in detail, based on the metrics that matter most to you. Customize your Performance page to report your data graphed for a given time period from the last 7 days to all-time. Mileage up and 20-minute average power down? Here’s where you can make those correlations and adjust your training.


Track weight, sleep, resting HR, steps and subjective elements like mood, stress, muscle soreness and others to see what outside factors may be affecting your fitness.

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The data is there—what matters is what you do with it. The Stages LINK app is tied to the desktop version of Stages LINK, which features a course builder to add courses with turn-by-turn directions on your Dash, and there’s a Premium version of LINK which includes a massive training plan library and even more sophisticated tools and analytics to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are.

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