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Stages Link: A training platform designed to help you become a better rider.

Stages Link custom tailors training plans and daily workouts to benefit rider performance and enable performance goals — whether the goal is to simply improve fitness or target specific races over multiple seasons.

The Stages Link apps simply provide an automatic mobile-based connection between Stages Dash and the Stages Link coaching and analytics services.



Stages Link is a hub of cloud-based coaching, education, training analysis and equipment management tools. Developed collaboratively with the analytics experts at Today’s Plan, the system is backed by the industry’s most advanced analysis capabilities currently used in the professional peloton.

Using Link Riders Can:

  • Generate and follow training plans based on their cycling aspirations.
  • Manages all Stages hardware (Dash and Power).
  • Record metadata from Stages Power and Stages Dash (battery condition, firmware version, zero reset values, etc.) to ensure riders are getting consistent, usable data from their Stages devices.

The Best Tool for Data Collection and Performance Analysis


Stages Link has been developed by the experts at Today’s Plan who have experience working with some of the brightest and best minds in the sport of cycling —  the coaches, physiologists, and experts at Trek-Segafredo, and Team Sky professional cycling teams.


The same data used to monitor and prepare the superstars of cycling for their competitions is now available for every rider via Stages Link. No matter what their goal, the Stages Link equips riders with the tools to help them achieve their goals.

“While each component of the Stages ecosystem; Stages Dash, Stages Power, and Stages Link are stand-alone products that provide benefit individually. They have each been designed to work in concert with the other components of the ecosystem to provide the customer the best possible experience training with power.”

– Benjamin Sharp, Former Olympic Coach and Stages Power Education Specialist

The Stages Link Difference

Stages Link is the How-To manual for your power meter and cycling performance.


A power meter is a tool, and unlike a pair of aerodynamic carbon fiber wheels, putting a Stages Power meter does not instantly make you a faster cyclist.


Link helps riders get the most out of their power meter.

  • Link has a training plan generator designed to bring out your best performance.
    Link provides the ability to manually or auto generate a training plan designed to bring our your best performance.
  • Link pushes workouts to the Stages Dash head unit – making it easier to follow workouts when you’re on a ride.
  • Upon completion of a workout, Link generates a Workout Compliance Score to assess your performance and inform the next ride.

Training Plan Generator

Whether you want to train for a specific event or train to improve a specific facet of your performance — sprinting, climbing, timetrialing; Stages Link has the ability to auto-generate A training PROGRAM THAT PUTS YOU ON A PATH TO succesS.

Training plans are generated based on your self-assessment and other key parameters — like weekly availability to train, ride type, event date.


If a rider uses a coach, Stages Link allows them to connect their account to their coach who uses Today’s Plan. The coach can build training plans as usual for their athlete and the workouts will seamlessly appear on the riders Stages Link calendar. It’s the best of all worlds: hardware monitoring, the most robust training tool on the market, and the input of a qualified coach.


The Stages Link plan generator provides inspiration and confidence for riders to meet their goals, it is not intended to take the place of a coach.

Workout Compliance Score

Stages Link pushes workouts directly to the Stages Dash head unit. When the workout is completed, the ride file is overlaid with the prescribed workout, and generates a Workout Compliance Score (WCS).


This view allows a rider and coach to see what the athlete is doing on the bike versus what was prescribed for the day. For example, were intervals performed in the correct zone? Was the recovery period actually recovery? Was the ride the prescribed duration? Etc.

Ride Optimization

The Stages Dash head unit experience is optimized via Stages Link. For example, screen settings can be optimized for the individual riders needs on Stages Link and then are pushed automatically to the Dash head unit. This eliminated dozens of button pushes on the head unit.

Power Meter Maintenance

Stages Link monitors settings in all associated sensors (e.g. Stages Power meters, Stages Dash, other brand head units and power meters).


It sends alert notifications to the riders when battery voltage is below a certain limit, if there is a mismatch between the threshold values in a head unit vs. in Dash or, if a zero reset hasn’t been performed recently and more.


Stages Link Enables Your Best Performance Ever.

Stages Link teaches riders how to use power as a tool for performance. Without guidance and some rudimentary file analysis, a power meter paired with a head unit is simply a random number generator. With an optimized training plan and feedback from Stages Link, every rider will see improvements.


Stages Link has dozens of graphs that allow for in-depth individual power/heart rate file analysis. Both on the most minute scale with second by second graphing of each activity and from a 30,000 ft view, with Seasonal tracking/planning.


For new riders Stages Link has basic, well-thought-out graphs that help them analyze their ride, without being overwhelmed with information overload. Analyzing file data can be daunting and it’s our aim with Stages Link to simplify the process and expose the rider to more-and-more detailed, complex analysis as they become more proficient with Stages Link and using power as a training metric.


  • Training Plan Generator: Every rider is given access to a generate a plan, whether they use a coach or not, to help them use their power meter to meet cycling goals.
  • Ability to push a series of workouts to Stages Dash, so several days’ worth of training are accessible to the rider.
  • Workout Compliance Score: Workouts push to Stages Dash and files overlay on top of one another in Stages Link, allowing riders and coaches to see what is prescribed vs their performance.
  • Highly customizable graphs and charts to satisfy the beginner rider and the most data-oriented riders’ needs.
  • Seamless synching between Stages Link desktop app, Stages Link mobile app, Stages Power meter, and Stages Dash head unit.
  • Customizable Quick stats at the top of Stages Link can give an indication of where your fitness/fatigue levels are, current estimated threshold power, year-to-date mileage, or a myriad of other quick report items that a customer deems vital.
  • Monitoring of status of Stages Power meter, Stages Dash, etc. including battery status, firmware updates, etc.
  • Data can be pushed from Stages Link to other services — TrainingPeaks, Strava — for those customers that prefer all the hardware monitoring capabilities of Stages Link but want to track their progress in another format.

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