Using Workout Mode with Stages Dash

September 20, 2016 | , ,

One of the biggest values of training with a power meter is being able to complete a workout exactly as prescribed. Now, with Workout Mode in Stages Dash you no longer need to tape post-its to your top tube, scribe notes on your hand, or keep looking at your phone.

When creating Stages Link and Stages Dash created an environment that allows for complete autonomy between the prescribed workout and the post ride analysis, as well as what’s being executed on the bike.


Workout Mode in Stages Dash allows you to create settings that will give you an audible and visual cue when your intervals change. You will get a cue on the screen for exactly what intensity and duration you should be working, as well as an audible cue to let you know when to start the next interval – so you won’t have to stare, head down at the head unit.


Upon completion of your ride and after you upload your workout to Stages Link you’ll find a ride graph that will display your performance versus the prescribed workout. It will also give you  a compliance score that tells you how close you were to the prescribed workout — not only for the entire duration, but from interval to interval.

The whole idea behind Stages Dash, Stages Link and Stages Power is to make it easier for every cyclist to train and understand how and what they’re doing, with power.

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