Training vs Racing Screens with Spencer Paxson

August 9, 2018 |

Many people ask about what custom screens to use on their cyclo-computers, what they should set up, and the benefit of having multiple pages. Recently Spencer Paxson shared with us his Stages Dash training and racing screens. As you can see, there’s a major difference.

Paxon says,

“Training is a complex craft, and nowadays it’s great to have the technology to open up the hood and make the most of (usually) limited training time. At the same time, it’s equally important to close the hood and keep the dashboard simple when it’s time to focus and perform. Use the numbers in training so that you may leverage a stronger performance and acutely tuned focus.That is, when it’s go time, all you need is (usually) a clock, a distance, and your perception of the effort!”

One thing we noticed is that he uses FTP% instead of a raw power number. This helps him be aware of effort as his fitness changes throughout the course of a season.

Paxon says,

“When I do look at output during a training session, I often look at %FTP instead of a raw power number. This is because, to me, focusing on a % is psychologically easier or more motivating than processing a raw number. In other words, I can really stay in a rhythm when I know I have to hold “90%” or “115%” instead of a cold number.”

Stay tuned for more inside looks on Stages Power athletes.

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