Stages Dash GPS Cycling Computer Overview

March 10, 2021 |
Photo by Dan Powell
Photo by Dan Powell

5 things that make Stages Dash GPS cycling computers different and better

When we started working on the Stages Dash GPS cycling computers, we set out to make something truly different than the competition. We wanted to make a computer that’s brighter, simpler and smarter than the competition and solves a lot of real world problems that cyclists have and provides a better experience than what’s currently out there. Here are the top 5 reasons Stages Dash is best GPS cycling computer on the market. 

1. Easy Setup

To start, we built Dash to have a super simple, intuitive setup process right out of the box. You pull the Dash out of the box, you power it up, you download the Stages Link app for your phone and then there’s a QR code to scan on the Dash. This allows you to customize profiles and set the Dash up exactly how you want. Dash also comes equipped with Smart Profiles, that will build data screens automatically based on your paired sensors, no customization required. Just turn it on and ride!

2. Brighter Screen

The Dash screen is brighter, this is the first thing most people notice whenever they take a Dash out and power it on. The reason it is brighter, is because it is made differently than other GPS cycling computer screens. Without going too much into the technical details, we’re able to run this brightness in a full-color, high definition screen for up to 12 hours, including the use of maps and courses, and a paired sensor. Most of the competitive products out there can’t do that.

3. Maps

Maps are nothing new for a GPS cycling computer, but the way that Stages does maps is new. We built our maps on Open Street Maps, and that allows us to use cycling specific tags and make the first GPS computer that really is cycling specific in terms of what it shows the rider. Color coded bike routes, color coded bike paths, specific cycling tags for bike shops, coffee shops, pubs, places that might find relevant on route. And all this is something that allows you to see where you want to ride, even if you don’t necessarily know an area. You can use any GPX file, any FIT file and get turn by turn notifications and an elevation profile at the bottom of the screen. You can also configure notifications so you can see exactly what you want when you want.

We really focused on making the maps the best tool available for exploring. Not just knowing where you are going and following a course or a route. Dash is especially great if you don’t know where you want to go and you want to find someplace new to ride. It lets you explore with confidence, knowing you’ll be able to find your way back and that you won’t unexpectedly end up on a busy street or at a dead end. Also, Dash maps are free worldwide. If you’re going on vacation and want to explore on your bike there, just download maps via the Stages Link app and load then on to your Dash via USB.

4. Workouts

At Stages Cycling we have Olympic level coaches, we have former domestic road racing pros, we have a number of world champions and national champions, and that is just the employees. That’s not even getting into our roster of professional athletes that have helped us develop Dash and make it the most powerful training tool currently available. We use the color screen of Dash to our advantage when it comes to training features in a number of ways. Your zones, whether they’re based on heart rate or power, are color coded. This allows you to see exactly how hard you’re going at a glance without having to know your numbers. When it comes to workout files, we have a number of pre-set workouts built into the Dash. You can also import workouts of your own from a number of 3rd party apps, including Stages Link.

When setting up for workouts and training, there are tons of options. You can build specific workout screens that show a wide range of things including current step, next step, your targets and duration. Or you can use smart profiles, which will automatically add workout screens when you’ve added a workout to your ride. You can have notifications that show what’s coming up or the specific name of that interval, and we also have a workout graph on the bottom of the screen, or anywhere else you’d like to configure it that will show you the entire workout in a color coded graph so you see what’s coming up next. That workout graph will also plot in real time exactly where your power is versus the graph, so you can know how closely you’re complying to the workout. 

We know that everyone works out a little bit differently, and while we have a lot of features built into the Dash for the advanced and serious athlete, we also have features for Dash that really make it the ideal training partner for someone who is new to training. We have adaptive zones, which allows you to start riding, never know what an FTP test is, never know what your zones are, and Dash will build that out for you based on your rider history. So after a couple of rides with some of the preset workouts, Dash will continue to evolve as you get stronger and tailor your workouts appropriately. It’s the only computer out there that allows a rider who knows nothing about training to get started and to get stronger without have to research and become your own coach. Dash will do that for you.

5. Smart Shortcuts

A cycling computer is more than just a collection of its features, it’s the experience you have with it everyday when you’re riding and interacting with it. And Dash is smarter, there’s a number of details we’ve programmed in to make it easier to use on a day-to-day basis in small but significant ways. For example, if there’s a data field that’s showing something that you don’t want to see that day, and you’d like to change it for something else, you can customize your screen right from the Dash, as you’re rolling down the road at 20 miles per hour. You don’t have to stop, you can do it with one finger, you don’t have to pause your ride file. And that’s not something that every computer allows you to do. There’s also a function that allows, at the tap of a lap button, to get a quick snapshot of your lap data in the previous lap. Your average speed, average power, lap duration. It’s something that pops up in the bottom left corner and then goes away. It’s just another way for you to see your data.

There are also a number of short button presses that allow you to access key features in Dash at any given point. You can hold the select button down and do such things as: take a quick snapshot of the screen, adjust screen brightness, go into menu functions and get into deeper settings changes. You can also snooze your phone notifications. Dash can show you all your phone notifications, whether it is text, notifications from Facebook or the New York Times and display them on screen if you want them. If you’re getting too many of those texts or want to tune out those distractions, you can quickly snooze those features. 

So there you have it, Stages Dash leads the way as the brighter, simpler, smarter GPS cycling computer than the competition. Paired with a Stages Power Meter, you’ll be equipped with a powerful combo and have all the cycling latest technology at your fingertips for every ride.

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